Great (URGENT) deal on Namibian elephant

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    I have a elephant bull available to be hunted as soon as possible. There are several elephants causing havoc amongst two fields of the local popultion's crops in our Khaudum North Complex, and they want us to shoot some of them. As we do not have time to wait for a problem animal to be declared, I am willing to offer these hunts on my trophy quota. (I am starting one tomorrow, one other left.)

    This means that the elephant trophy is fully exportable, from an area that you have a sporting chance of finding a really big bull. (Though you would be expected to shoot a bull of around 40lbs if such a bull is found first.)

    Deposit/ dayfees US$ 7 000
    Trophy fee US$ 15 000
    Total cost of hunt: US$ 22 000
    (Above includes all dayfees, drive in from Windhoek and back, food/ drinks/ accomodation in hunting camp only, services of a big game PH and camp staff/ trackers/ skinners, hunting permit. It excludes all extra game hunted, all taxidermy and dip/ pack/ ship costs, and any items of a personal nature.)

    Other game available with trophy prices in US$ are:
    kudu 1200
    oryx 700
    warthog/ steenbok/ duiker 400
    hyena 700

    (This is only valid for someone that can come within the next two weeks. Normally such a hunt will sell for US$ 33 000)
    PH for the hunt will be either me or Vaughn Fulton.

    If anyone is interested, contact my wife on or the following agents:
    North America L.David Keith ( )
    Europe Kjetil Dalheim ( )

    If you want to speak to me, i will be available on the following satelite number: +88 163 166 9264 (I will be available on that 19h00 to 21h00 local time every night.
    (my cell +264 81 1285 416 will be off 99.5% of the time.)

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