Good African Safari Shirt?

I also bought a few TAG shirts and shorts, but in contrast of some others here who liked them, I was not at all impressed with their quality. Some of the threads did not even survive one washing... Perhaps in the past they were good, but end of 2022 purchases in their Bulawayo store were very lacking in my opinion.

For those in Europe, I recommend having a look at, their PH shirts are as tough as they come. I'll likely never be able to wear one down.
@Kahalanyoni - the shirt looks nice and might be durable but that 65% Polyester fabric is the sign of a cheaply made shirt followed by “Velcro“ closures for the chest pockets. Retailers avoid 100% cotton for only one reason - to save money because adding poly to the fabric reduces cost. While poly fabrics are durable and retain color better after washing - they don’t breath as well and usually don’t dry as fast as cotton poplin or cotton canvas. As far a Velcro on pockets - much cheaper then having to sew in a zipper or button…and when you open that Velcro pocket - the noise is easily heard. I think that shirt might be highly functional and last a long time but it would be much better if made with all cotton and buttons/zippers….I’d be willing to spend more for “quality”…but that’s my just personal preference.
Hi Hank,

Thanks for weighing in - I agree about cotton being the go-to-material (zippers vs velcro vs having everything ready to go on your belt is a different question) in general. I also love merino for both hot and cold temperatures.

Polyester has gotten a bad rap, sometimes for the right, sometimes for the wrong reasons. Especially in summer, it has advantages. High-end manufacturers like KUIU have embraced it for quite some time. I recently tried out one of their new 100% polyester shirts with snaps and was amazed about both comfort and breathability. They are not exactly cheaper than dirt so you can spend quite some money on polyester.

Happy hunting - Daniel
Since I’m large framed , I have much trouble of finding proper sizing so I like Bdu shirts and Jungle jackets also bdu style . Not been a much user of dedicated shirts through the years . Perhaps too much Forrestery work and army days and so on perhaps behind it .
I like the Ex Officio air strip shirts. Found one for $4 with a stain on it at a thrift store....stain washed right out. Have since picked up 3 more on Ebay. I use them in the summer when hot instead of sun screen. Didn't think long sleeves in the summer would work, but it seems to be cooler than the sun beating on my skin with sunscreen all over. Dry really quickly and light weight. They did change the material at some point, as I have 2 different material composition percentages on my shirts.
Filson makes some nice options. New they are expensive but you can find some on ebay for much less.
Quality comes at a price - usually worth it
Anybody ever try any of this company’s shirts or other products?


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Anybody ever try any of this company’s shirts or other products?
@Wishfulthinker580 - never tried it but can tell by looking at it that it is an expensive shirt to manufacture: Both chest pockets have button & zipper closures, cuffs have two buttons, sleeve cut buttons, and upper sleeve button, tight cotton poplin weave is durable and dries fast, does Not stick to your skin like a “twill” weave. Even at $180….I would buy it and wear for special warm weather hunts or shooting….and I’m sorta cheap !!
What will be the temps in NE part of Zambia in mid July?
The old Cabelas "Safari" clothing line were some of the best available. But, they were discontinued some time ago. I prefer knit, synthetic shirts for hunting and general attire but for Safari decided to break over and get some cotton button down items. I went to Ebay and found three of the Cabelas shirts in my size in Khaki, Olive Green and a rust brown color. The quality is stunning and I am sure that they cost a bundle when new. I also have a trio of Orvis shirts in all cotton. One is a polo style golf shirt in sea green, for travel days and another is a button up short sleeved number also in medium green. The last one is a long sleeved button down in dark olive green. It is quite heavy and might be too warm for hot days. All the Orvis shirts are made in USA which is rare these days and those are still made with MSRP of $90/ea. Nothing in my ebay hunting wardrobe was over $15 and most looked like new. My usual plan is to wear a camo tee shirt under the long sleeved button down shirt with a cotton hunting vest over that. For very cold mornings I have a Kenya East hunting coat that can do the job. It was also an Ebay special.

Apparently lots of older American men decide to go hunt Africa once or twice before they croak and when they do, Granny sells all their sheeit on ebay, lol. Most of it looks like it was never worn.
Thats one thing I really hate about Cabelas. Love the store but they make really good stuff then discontinue it. IDK why they do things like that
I have a few Orvis bush shirts that I use. Buy them off eBay and I dont cry crocodile tears if they rip or get torn in the bush. They’re made of heavy material so stand up to a lot of abuse.
Anybody ever try any of this company’s shirts or other products?
Yes I have a couple of their signature field shirts, a bit pricy but they are great. Very well made, very comfortable and tough, does not tear easily (mine have never torn) when going through the thorny brush. I only buy them during their sale around Thanksgiving when they offer 20% off. I recently bought their Linen version and wore it on late October hunt in Namibia when it was HOT. They are great, keep you cool and held up remarkably well in the thorny bush.
Johnson is also sold at most Aggri or Co-ops shops in SA, thats the shops you go to in SA to buy ant poison and you walk out with a saddle and bridle ( although you dont have a horse ) new farming tools ( you dont live on a farm) multiple Johnson clothing items, a new camp kettle, socks, homemade pastries, new chainsaw, a new bush hat, tin coffee mugs, something camo, dog food, vellies for wife ( leather shoes) a stuffed sheep for your daughter, a leash for your hound waiting in the bakkie, and no ant poison.
What’s a good African Safari Shirt to protect against biting tsetse flys and nats
I have several Avedon and Colby. Built like a tank. They basically carried forward the traditional designs from Abercrombie when the were a real store and owned Griffin and Howe. That collar is a godsend around dust ticks and flies
I think sometimes people get a little lost in the weeds with this stuff. In RSA I brought Carhartt fishing shirts, like I am wearing in my avatar, a long sleeve Redhead shirt from Cabelas, and that was it. 3-4 shirts total. They do laundry in most places daily.

I did not have any creepy crawlies hitchhiking in my shirts, the green color was fine, and I like long sleeves even when it's hot.

The Redhead shirt from Cabelas was actually really comfy and I believe I paid $12 for it.

I thought this had to be wrong. They are available on through a 3rd party seller but not actually at Walmart. It would be nice though if Walmart had them on their shelves.

I thought it was wrong too, but I stand corrected...

I bought a lifetime supply of Cabela's Safari shirts & a jacket several years ago.

If I'm still hunting Africa 20 years from now (beyond my allotted 3 score and 10) , I will probably go with 5.11's.

I wear 5.11's shirts and pants almost everyday for work with zero failures for nearly 8 years.

Those heavier cotton shirts in olive, coyote, or gray should be fine. Treat with Permethrin, and you should be good to go.
Has anyone used the cool and dry performance shirts by Columbia PFG? I like that they are lights weight, come in long sleeve and offer some spf. Again, I'm not worried about flies in RSA.
I use them for fishing every weekend lol. They are amazing.
But how will they stand up to the thorns in the African bush?
I’m guessing not very well. I have worn them in the Midwest US bush a couple of times and have had snag holes put in them by wild rose bushes.

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