Go Ruck boots

I walk between 25-30 miles weekly in the mountains around our town here in Colombia. I am walking gravel roads/trails and packed dirt roads/trails. I wear Merrills and they get tossed after about 6 months. For those that have the GoRuck boots, how do you think they would do here?

Safe travels
That's exactly what I'm doing as well, only I'm also packing a 9 1/2 lb rifle in my hands as I stroll.

My last pair of GoRucks went 900 miles before I literally wore the tread off and a portion of the actual sole of the boots. That took me ~8 months+ to do.
That’s impressive. Boots are consumables…and design is usually a compromise.
thanks for sharing, folks! I was eyeballing those myself, but I haven't seen them in the EEE wide I need...
Just passed 400 miles in my current pair of GoRucks. Noticeable wear in the heels, but the rest of the tread looking great! Looking like an easy 800 - 1,000 mile pair of boots for me.

Thinking they're ready for the trip across the pond in a few weeks...
Thanks for the update. I've been wearing the green Jedburghs and found their sizing runs about 1/2 size small vs the MACV-1. I wear 10.5 in MACV-1 and that's too short for the toes in the Jedburghs but 11.0 was perfect in that model. There are no returns on the sale items so if anyone is looking for a new set of 10.5 Jedburgh let me know. So far, I like both models.
Thanks @Green Chile for the link. Not being able to resole doesn't appeal to me (personal choice). When not wearing Courteney my feet are in Jim Greens from South Africa. Wore their rangers in the granite hills of Namibia in august and had zero issue with climbing or slipping.
I wouldn't pitch these as a good boot for the rocks. These are for more lowland, sandy, easy walking but long miles kind of thing...and for $100 new you wouldn't resole them anyway.
I wouldn't pitch these as a good boot for the rocks. These are for more lowland, sandy, easy walking but long miles kind of thing...and for $100 new you wouldn't resole them anyway.
Not pitching as a rock boot, just commenting on my experience and I resole regardless of price. Have a great weekend.
I have a pair of MACV-1s and I will warn you that GORUCK is a backpack company not a shoe company. I have a EEEE width foot and I called GORUCK to see what widths their boots came in and what size I should order. They did not know that boots came in widths they told me they fit like converse tennis shoes. The toe box is small and the boots is not wide, if you have wide feet stay far, far away from GORUCK boots.
Good point on the width. I have narrow feet and I'm ok with a little room on the sides. I can see where this would not be suitable for wider feet.
MACV-2s just came available. Looking them over makes me think of the Waterberg Mountains.

My current pair of MACV-1s just crossed the 550-mile mark. I'm gonna order up a pair of the MACV-2s and how they do.
Been using MacV1s for about 450-500 miles rucking a lot and I can’t say I’ve had any issues. They are light and breath good. Definitely interested in MacV2s
The MACV2s have just come available. The sole is much different the the original. More aggressive treads.
Yup. The irony!
I will be taking mine on a buffalo hunt next to Kruger in 1 month. Mine are holding up well and are comfortable and lightweight/breathable. I like that.

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