Giant Forest Hog and Eland Hunt Special with CAWA in CAR

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    Giant Forest Hog and Eland Hunt Special with CAWA in CAR

    One week opening for Giant Forest Hog and Eland on CAWA concessions in Central African Republic.

    Date: 1x1 possible at the 26th of January - 1st of February, 2x2 possible on the 2-8th of February.
    Price: 9800 Euro
    Tags included: 1 Eland or Giant Forest Hog, 1 Buffao, 1 Roan, 1 Hartebeest, 1 Harnessed Bushbuck, 1 Warthog, 1 Red River Hog, 1 Oribi, 1 Yellow back duiker, 1 Red flanked duiker, 1 Western bush duiker, 1 Weyns duiker, 1 Bay duiker, 1 Blue duiker and 1 Baboon.

    - 5 days hunt with professional hunter 1x1
    - Use of trackers and hunting team
    - Hunting and weapon licenses in CAR
    - Reception at the airport and help in Bangui
    - Full board accommodation during the whole stay in CAR
    - Free bar in the safari camp* (not in Bangui)
    - Air charter Bangui safari camp (round trip)
    - Field preparation of trophies
    - Dip & Pack
    - Airport taxes in Bangui

    The price does not include:
    - Trophy fees
    - Possible upgrade
    - Possible weapon rental fee
    - Trophy shipment and taxidermist
    - Gratitudes
    - International airway tickets
    - Visa and insurance

    One thing to know is that in order to secure the second date (2-8:th of Feb), I need two hunters doing the hunt. So a 2x2, otherwise it does not make it interesting for me due to very high charter costs.

    There is no shot opportunity guarantee on a one week hunt, but it is a very good deal where a hunter in good physical shape can expect take either a Lord derbys Eland or a Giant Forest Hog as well as a 3-4 other of the central african species. Previous hunters having done this hunts have always been very successful.







    View a lot more trophy photos in our photo gallery on AH, click HERE!

    Feel free to contact me by email anytime.

    Best personal regards,
    Erik Mararv
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    Been emailing you for 4 days, can't get a reply. I am sure comms in the bush are tough though, maybe some issue with email where one of us is not receiving them.

    Can't get your phone numbers to work either.

    Send me an email or call me. Or post here if you can't get emails to work.

    Thanks Erik.

    Wendell Reich
    214 692 8769

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