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    Dear AH Members,

    We have been given rights to advertised the following Elephant hunt, to be conducted in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. The hunt will be conducted in an area adjacent and open to one of the world famous parks.
    This is a traditional day hunt , and a mature bull in the 30lbs class will be targeted.
    The hunt includes 6 nights, with 5 full hunting days, which should be enough time due to the overpopulation of Elephant in the area. This is a fully exportable hunt, but not to US hunters in the current market. Although USFWS has mentioned that importation is on a case by case scenario, I would advise that it gets treated as a non-exportable for all USA residents.

    Outfitter: Marius Goosen T/A KMG Hunting Safaris
    Outfitter number: HC 02/2019 EC
    PH Number: PH 06/2019 EC
    Area : Limpopo, South Africa

    6 Nights, with 5 full hunting days, for 1 hunter, including 1 Elephant Bull in the 30 lbs class range.

    Price: US$31,000

    The following are included in your Safari:

    • All accommodation, food and beverages(Wines and Beers incl.) – Hard Liquor on request.

    • Trophy Fees

    • Daily Laundry

    • Services of a licensed professional hunter, tracker and ground staff

    • Transport to and from the airport as well as all ground transport for the duration of the Safari

    • Field preparation of trophies and forwarding them to a taxidermist or shipping agent of your choice.

    • 15% Government Tax on Day Fees

    The following are excluded in your Safari:

    • Dipping, packaging or any processing of trophies

    • Shipping charges for your trophies to your own country

    • All International and Domestic flights

    • Accommodation before and after safari dates

    In the unlikely scenario that the hunter would be unsuccessful, you will be refunded $21,500 of the asking price.

    Take Care,
    Marius Goosen

    Representation of 30 lb class Elephant:



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    This will be epic :E Oh Yeah::E Oh Yeah:

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