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Over the past 40 years, Animal Artistry has developed a full-service business model to suit all your hunting needs. We have trusted outfitters we recommend, a professional staff on hand, pre-hunt advice, a variety of services offered, and an open line of communication to ensure your trophy turns out exactly as you want. We are also USDA approved to receive shipments from all over the world and can ship trophies worldwide.

Trusted Outfitters

Throughout the years, we have formed a variety of business relationships, including a network of quality outfitters who we can recommend to our clients. All of these outfitters are professionals who have led many of their clients on successful hunts and built solid businesses. We are currently constructing an “Outfitter” page for our website where this information will be accessible to the public, so be on the lookout for that in the upcoming months.


A Professional Staff

Aside from our talented team of taxidermists, who are capable of creating anything from the simplest European mount to the most complex diorama, we have a dedicated office staff to keep track of the accounting, marketing, sales, and customer service. This allows us to work efficiently and effectively in all aspects of the business. Also, when your trophies are finished, we have a full-service shipping department that can bring your trophies to your front door as well as have them installed (if that is your need).

Pre-Hunt Advice

If you are ever unsure about what do prior to a hunt or have any questions regarding your animals, contact Stewart Brown at 775-323-0203 or We also have a detailed Resources page on our website full of useful information as well as hyperlinks to important documents such as our Field Care and Preparation Guide and Shipping Tag Request Form.

A Variety of Services

Along with our traditional and custom taxidermy services, we also offer remounting services, trophy room and mural design, and reproductions of elephants, hippos, rhinos, and large reptiles. We also sell a variety of bronze animal and human sculptures on our art website The Art of the Animal.


Always Here for You

In addition to the many services listed above, if you ever have any questions concerning your animals, feel free to give me a call, personally, at 775-323-0203. Just ask for Mike, and we can talk about pose and habitat instructions, trophy room design, or anything related to your project. I love talking with clients so please do not hesitate to call.

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One-Stop-Shop Taxidermist

Beginning to end, we are your one-stop-shop taxidermist. Again, this is the result of over 40 years of being in business and adding services and resources that are critical to a seamless fit for your hunting experience. I truly believe there are few companies who can make this statement and am confident you will have a pleasant experience working with us.



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