Free Booze and Food! January 11th 2024

Im guessing it will be a smaller event.. but we're already in planning mode to host a party during TTHA (same dates as DSC.. but TTHA will be doing their show in Dallas at Kay Bailey that time while DSC is running in Atlanta)... We've already got some good door prizes lined up again (they seem to get a little better, and theres a larger pile of them each year).. and the wife is already planning the menu, and getting some support from a chef at a nice hotel restaurant that she is friends with..

My guess is a lot of the "out of towners" wont come into town for TTHA.. but a few might.. and almost every DFW local I know as well as a handful of guys from the other larger TX cities have been pretty clear that theyre not traveling to Atlanta, but will instead attend TTHA since it will be close to home..

again, Im guessing a smaller crowd (I think we had about 65 come through the door last year?).. but Im betting it will still be big enough to have a good time (30-40 people?)... and there should be some really cool give aways.. and the food should be stellar (I thought it was great last year personally.. but apparently the wife is giving me the traditional PH speech... "no dave.. you can take that impala if you really want him... but we can do better..." lol...)...
I may go to TTHA

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