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May 7, 2015
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Being new here, can I post pics of these rifles I have for sale? Here are the pics and, if allowed, I will post the details from the ledger, condition, price, etc.
From top down:
Holland and Holland Royal .500 3 1/4 bpe.
Jeffery 8-bore box lock ball and shot gun.
Powell patented lifter action .500 bpe.
Bland .577 bpe.
Thanks for looking.
PS. If interest warrants, I can post pics of my small collection and of doubles I've owned in the past.
1. Jeffery 8-bore ball and shot gun, 1896. Number 47xx. $28,000.
8-bore 3 1/4" case, ball and shot gun, A&D action and bolt, Whitworth 32" steel barrels, 50 and 100 yards, flat file cut rib, lever forepart, pistol grip stock, 15 pounds.
Bores are near perfect, most blue on barrels and 95% finish on the stock. Recoil pad is a replacement. Comes with 20 brass cases and two moulds.
4-5 inch group at 50 yards with both 900-grain ball or 1400 grain conical bullet. Patterns 141 pellets of #4 shot in a 30 inch circle at 30 yards.

2. T. Bland .577 black powder express, 1888. Number 102xx. $8000.
.577 2 3/4", back action non rebounding hammers, double, non ejector, Jones rotary under lever rifle, plain frame, serpentine hammers, best color hardened action, barrels and hardware blacked. Stock pull 14 1/2 inches, 9 3/4 pounds. Maker's case with accessories.
Excellent barrel blue and stock finish, bores near new. No case colors remaining on action.
570 grain bullet and 65 grains IMR 4198 has a 3-4 inch group at 50 yards

3. W. Powell .500 black powder express, 1874. Number 47xx. $6000.
H.M. Surand, Esq. Our patent action central fire express double rifle with laminated stele barrels 28 inches long. Henry's patent rifling, taking Eley's .500 size 3 inch Boxer cartridge, 120 grains no 6 and express bullet. Our patent strikers, back action locks, bolted. Sights flush 1,2,3,4, 1st standing. Pistol hand stock. With ezra main springs, xxx spring and slide to action, brass mould and stick for paper. Best solid leather case with cleaning rod, bristle and wire brushes, jag and loop, sling. 100 Eley's express cartridges 120 grains. 8 3/4 pounds, Bartram's patent filler and lock. price: 39.14.
60% Damascus finish on barrels, excellent and shiny bores. Stock finish very good to excellent. 30% very fine engraving on action, no case colors remain. Unusual feature is on each striker is the word "loaded" when the hammers are pulled back.
340 grain bullet and 50 grains of IMR 4198 has a 3 inch group at 50 yards.

4. Holland and Holland .500 3 1/4" black powder express, 1889. Number 123xx. 31,000.
You do indeed have Boyd Alexander's rifle. .500 bore back action double rifle, Royal hammerless, Anson and Deeley snap for end, top lever, pistol and stock with cheekpiece, recoil heel plate and hoops for sling. Sold to Alexander. For black powder cartridges.
Excellent! Shiny bores, most blue on barrel, some color remains on action and locks, good stock condition. Old repair at wrist. Owned by Boyd Alexander and his son Boyd Jr., was killed in Africa by the natives on his second expedition in 1907. He wrote a two volume set of his first expedition, a third book about his life, and two notebooks of supporting documents come with the rifle as does the original case with H&H trade label.
2-3 inch group at 50 yards with a 440-grain cast or Woodleigh bullet, 56 grains of IMR 4198.

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Cal you are certainly allowed to post your doubles for sale on AH.

Hope someone finds them in need of being in a new home, theirs.
Thanks, I'll add the details now.
Cal, those are some nice doubles. There are some folks on here that should be climbing over each other real soon. (y)
If I could afford that holland & holland I would liberate it from you.
Being new here, can I post pics of these rifles I have for sale? Here are the pics and, if allowed, I will post the details from the ledger, condition, price, etc.
Hi Cal, I would recommend posting them individually so that each one of your rifle has it's own thread.

PS. If interest warrants, I can post pics of my small collection and of doubles I've owned in the past.
That would be great. Welcome to AH Cal! A pleasure to have you with us.
Payment over time is acceptable with only two conditions--the rifle remains in my safe until paid for (but one can shoot it any time) and the buyer takes out an insurance policy on it. Other than that, I'm easy.
Here are a few more pics of the Holland. Books by the original owner.
That is one beautiful rifle!!!!

one day when I'm big!:unsure::unsure:
If my oil stocks would ever recover......
Very nice collection you have there sir..... I am sure they will sell. If I could afford them, well then I would be hunting all of the BIG 5 right this minute.

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