For Sale Winchester Model 70 Lightweight Super Grade 7x57


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Dec 11, 2023
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This is a special edition that was done for Cabela's ( I believe in 2011). Model 70 CRF lightweight Super Grade. Beautiful rifle. With a Leupold VariXIII 2.5-8x36. Exc condition with original box and manual. I purchased it from the original owner who said he had fired 50 rounds through it. There is a MTM box of 50 brass and another of 50 rounds of factory Remington ammo.

$2300 (net), shipped to your FFL or F to F in the KC area.


Someone is going to get a very nice rifle. Mine is a good MOA rifle with different factory rounds
Had a couple of folks interested but as of now, still available
Still here. I am surprised
I have a lightweight in .270win I would need to sell 1st , would love one in 7x57
If my finances were in better shape, and I didn't already have one on a Ruger No.1, I would have been all over this.

@poco, buy it and then sell your 270. :ROFLMAO: We are a bunch of enablers in this forum and love to spend someone else's money. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
I thought this had been adopted, but apparently not!
Perfect rifle for the majority of hunting in most places. Someone here needs this.
@Rare Breed, please buy this rifle. I’ve been itching to buy it for three weeks now and really don’t need another right now. You will save me the temptation!
I tried to buy a rifle like this on GB and for the first time in my life FB came back and said they suspected fraud. I had already sent a cashiers check. The gun owner came back to me and said he is legit…we will see. If he is not legit I will buy this rifle so any fence sitters you better move on this or I will buy it in another three days!!!
I was watching a M70 featherweight in 7x57 this week on GB that had no reserve, pics looked great and bid was at $700. Auction was supposed to end today around noon. I sent the owner a question on Monday and got no answer. The seller had just joined GB and had no reviews so I was very leery of bidding although I really wanted to do so. The seller also would only accept a money order as payment. I sent an inquiry to GB (per their fraud concern instructions) asking if they could give any assurances as the legitimacy of the seller. I got an email response right away saying they were investigating the seller’s situation. An hour later I went back to look at the gun listing and it said that “reserve was not met” even though it was listed with no reserve and the auction had ended a day early. So I’m thinking GB took my concerns to heart and decided the seller was not legit and cancelled their listing

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