For Sale Custom Winchester 70 .458WM Grizzinator Package


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Jul 17, 2020
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This is a 1959 Winchester PRE 64 Control Feed Model 70 .458WM Rifle designed to be a All Weather Dangerous Game Rifle especially for Alaskan Brown Bears and Grizz!
Fresh from the Gunsmith and was going to be a keeper but decided to use my Custom 600OK that is being built now
A New Pendleton Light Weight Kevlar/Carbon Stock with a Gray & Black Spackle finish..Lop is 13.25 and forearm was made proportionally shorter to go with the 16.5" barrel. Bore is Excellent and trigger is Crisp. Banded Front Sight, Williams Rear and Banded Front Swivel. All New Alloy bottom metal and bases. Leupold 1-4 Matte Scope with the hard to find HEAVY Duplex in Weaver Low Rings...All metal is Cerakoted in Tungsten Gray. This Grizz Killer Package is 37" long and as you see it 7.5pds. It will come with the gray nylon sling shown all in a Gun Guard Short Hardcase. I have factory ammo that will be included
This little handy dandy Cannon is ready for the Alaskan Alders and Mean things that Bite Back! The Grizzinator! $3950shpd
(Alaska more)
(Yes this can easily be reamed to a Lott)
Another beauty from your stable buddy !

How have those rings held up ?
Yes those rings are time tested and also the most famous Bear guide in Alaska Phil Shoemaker has had them on his 458 for eons (see photo) ...also I am a fan of rings of the lowest possible height and there are none lower!!
Stunning rig Safarikidd, love it.

Have you ever chronographed any loads from it? Interested to see what velocities you could get from the 16.5" barrel. Nice looking set up either way!
Not on this one..but this is probably the 10th short barrel 458,50/110,500,600 I have had done...
We have found very little loss wirh the big hole calibers..actually sometimes less than 20ft per second per inch ....
To me its worth the hardiness and I know many old schoolers think I'm a tad crazy....and their right! Lol
1950 fps-160fps=1790fps?
Yes those rings are time tested and also the most famous Bear guide in Alaska Phil Shoemaker has had them on his 458 for eons (see photo) ...also I am a fan of rings of the lowest possible height and there are none lower!!View attachment 426481View attachment 426482
If only a rifle could tell us the hunts it’s been on…I think that one could write a few books LOL!
1950 fps-160fps=1790fps?
Your 1950fps is a incorrect starting point...with 500's you can expect in 22 to 24" lengths around 21-2150 fps...which is about 200fps more ...
Yes you loose some velocity when you cut off you would with a 16" 45/70...(which i also have)
For the record I have taken maybe 4 Cape with my Browning Custom 458 and used 450s..I got compete pentration and out the other side..500s are NOT necessary for anything unless you have perhaps a Lott.
I would only use 350,400 or 450s in this one and I would say one can get 2200fps with the 400s ....
Not looking for a debate,just want to sell a great Rig for Grizzilla or Hogzilla!
I'd think a very talented reloading expert could find a bizarre, off the beaten path powder that would get to velocity quickly but without undue pressure in the chamber or throat. I do not know my powders well enough to know which powder is fast burning enough to have achieved good velocity out of a short barrel without unburned powder remaining, but it surely exists. A barnes or other copper soft would make a big hole with a lightweight bullet (22% larger by volume than lead-equivalent) and could also aid in making the brush gun good for the intended purpose.

For modest money, sending such a gun to Lonnie at Superior Ammunition to develop the load would be a wise, solid investment as the ideal load for this gun surely exists, but is written down nowhere in published data.
Go to the firearms,ammo and gear section here on Africa Hunting then go to .375 and up..several post specifically detailing all of this with ballistic results...
Damn. I've been doing comparos with the B&M cartridges; apart from the colour scheme, Water Buff in the N T would be "interesting" ...
wonder who the smith was as i have identical builds in 9.3 & 375? I should have jumped on it...i guess ill take seconds just in case something unforeseeable happens.

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