For Sale Chapuis RGEX 9.3X74R Double Rifle

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Nov 25, 2009
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For Sale, Chapuis RGEX 9.3 x74R S/S with two sets of rings (1” and 30 mm) for the factory swing mounts. This RGEX gun has an upgraded walnut stock with right hand palm swell, single trigger. This rifle has an extended trigger guard for strength through the wrist, ejectors, and color case hardened with game scenes on receiver. Rifle has 100 meter regulation targets for both bare rifle and with scope mounted. The Chapuis cocking system cocks both barrels on opening, not recoil activated cocking. The rifle fires the right barrel first, left barrel with the second trigger pull. No searching for the second trigger and no doubling. The gun has a few marks from going in and out of the safe. I can provide additional photos. The 1” rings were factory provided, the 30 mm rings were added later, I believe. Both are the Recknagel type QD rings. I purchased this rifle used. The original owner said he had fired less than 25 shots through it. I’ve shot it at the range and fired it, approximately 55 times It is tight, on face and in good working order. The top lever is still well right of center. The RGEX is an upgraded gun, as noted above. It has the original 14 3/8 LOP. $5500 plus shipping and insurance. For an additional $165 plus shipping, I will include my RCBS 9.3x74R dies, 50 Hornady 286 grain bullets, 63 once fired AA brass, 98 nickel plated primed Federal brass, and a mixed lot of approximately 50 Norma and 15 S&B fired brass as part of this package. This is a hard one to part with, but returning to Africa and bear hunting have been removed from my future. Someone needs to go on a spring black bear hunt, fo hog hunting or take this to Africa and post their trip and photos. Thanks for looking.

right side 2meg.JPG
right muzzle2meg.JPG
That is a handsome rifle sir. How long are the barrels?
About as close to a perfect rifle as one could want. ....nice lumber....FWB
Don't suppose with a handle like "black fly" there's any chance your located in Canada?
Sorry but I'm from south of that border. I spent most of my life working with black flies. But, I've fed (invountarily) quite a few in the bush in Quebec and Ontario!
Nice rifle, I have the same model and you are asking a very fair price. Best of luck on the sale.
If you are interested in selling the 30mm rings I would be interested.
WAB, the barrels are 23 and 3/4 inches. I should have included that in the descriptions.

Thanks to all for the comments. Over the years, I have owned a number of double rifles. I found that I needed to be able to have both open sights and a scope to allow for different conditions and to benefit from a versatile caliber. I fumble with extractors. I found double triggers to not be my thing. I strummed doubles when excited, and couldn't find the second trigger when excited. While I like the looks of shadow line cheek pieces, they made my face black and blue. I found i wanted a gun regulated for both open sights and scopes, most that i owned were not. I also found that I like pretty! Hence, this gun.
Beautiful rifle would love to have it but tax man wants way to much this year and paying for hunt in 2022
Best of luck in selling it to a lucky new owner
Any interest in a Bran New unfired Blaser R8 Attache with case, accessories in 7mm mag? $9k gun..
Any interest in a Bran New unfired Blaser R8 Attache with case, accessories in 7mm mag? $9k gun..

You should start a new thread, not divert @black fly’s thread.
Here are some requested photos of the receiver. I will post the requested photos of the sights and scope rings either later today or tomorrow. I think I have responded to everyone's requests to far, but I may have missed someone. If you have not heard back from me. please let me know.

Rightreceiver (2).JPG
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Well done Oakgall, that is a beautiful double! As soon as you have it please keep us abreast of progress, what you plan to hunt, etc. Man, the buildup for a double is as exciting as getting your hands on the beast.
Thanks heavens that rifle sold. Couldn't figure where I'd really use it for in my area, but dang it was nice for the price.
Thanks heavens that rifle sold. Couldn't figure where I'd really use it for in my area, but dang it was nice for the price.

Yeah Bruce another of those guns for sale on here which I like , that is on the wrong side if the water.....
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in-between all the bush fire, hunting and work on the hunting area its hard to find time for fishing as well
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is the 505 gibbs still for sell? Thanks!
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I ran across a message from you a couple of years ago while I was going through old emails. I have arranged a second bison hunt in Nebraska in September 2024, about 6-years after the first, when my supply of bison meat was exhausted. My email is [redacted].
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If those Schells rings fare still available, I could use them. I'm willing to pay for the shipping.
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Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44 FireDot Duplex Riflescope. I am looking at this scope for a couple new rifles. Cost?