For Sale - Antonio Zoli Double Rifle - 9.3x74R O/U

Discussion in 'Free Classifieds' started by UH-1N Pilot, May 13, 2012.

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    $2895.00. I understand the model to be a Ritmo. Rifle only (no case, no scope and no mount). I spoke with the Zoli guys at the SCI convention in Las Vegas and they believe it was made shortly before the Ritmo model was discontinued for new model production (early 1970's perhaps). Like new condition - it hardly appears to have been fired. After shooting it (about 40 rounds) I've determined it's overly small for me (but I'm over 6'4" and 280-pounds and darn near everything is small for me). The rifle was checked out by New England Custom Gun after I bought it. Dealer handling the transfer is Lewis Arms. See photos, barrel and stock demensions at <>. You may call my FFL or PM me with questions. Thanks. Paul

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