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Dec 3, 2017
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Cleaning house... Have the following 9.3X74R ammo and brass for sale, no longer have the rifle. Don't care to ship the Ammo but will ship the brass only so I have broken it up into two groups... Ammo and Brass. I am in Minnesota (just north of Mpls/St. Paul) so if you cannot pick up the ammo but have someone that can pick it up for you that works for me as well. I just don't want to fool with the hassle of shipping it as I have to drive about 20 miles to customer service center to send via UPS... Thanks for looking... DonT

34 Rounds Hornady once fired
19 Rounds S&B once fired
20 rounds Norma once fired
55 Rounds of Hornady Virgin (unfired) brass in boxes
For a total of 128 Rounds of Brass...
$120.00 plus shipping.

24 Rounds of Hornady 286 grain SP-RP #82304
40 Rounds Norma 286 Grain SP Alaska #19320
12 Rounds RWS 293 Grain (also includes 8 empty fired cases)
That is 76 rounds of factory ammo in boxes plus an additional 8 empty RWS rounds)
$125.00 picked up at my place.....

Or if you want to pick up the whole kit and kaboodle at my place it is yours for $225.00....

Thanks for looking and have a Great Day...

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