First Wheel & Second Wheel (Amwell Press) by Bunny Allen

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    First Wheel (#988) & Second Wheel (#847) by Bunny Allen, both signed by the author.

    First Wheel is "As New" except for a pencil marked "$245-" on the inside cover page.

    Second Wheel is "Fine", it has 2 tiny nicks, 1 spec mark, and a small press mark that looks like it could be a manufacturing blem. ("Fine" condition allows for normal effects of time but no damage. This book has no effects of time, and except for the afore mentioned looks new).

    Both are in original slip covers, at least "Fine".

    The Amwell Press books are signed by the publisher, Jim Rikhoff, as well. The series is limited to 1000 copies.

    $400 for the pair shipped lower 48.

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