First Photo In The Wild: One Of The World’s Most Secretive Mammals Photographed In Wildcru’s Togo Survey


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Dec 18, 2015
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WildCRU researchers and colleagues have captured the first-ever images of Walter’s duiker (Philantomba walteri) alive in the wild.

This small African antelope has hitherto been secretive to the point of invisibility. Our study, published today in African Journal of Ecology, was led in Togo by local mammologist, Délagnon Assou, with the base team led by Dr Neil D’Cruze, and shows a stunning picture of an animal which has never been photographed alive in the wild before.

This startling first image of a Walter’s duiker in the wild was part of an even wider first: the first comprehensive remote camera trapping survey for mammalian mega fauna ever undertaken in Togo (West Africa) spanning over 9,000 days of monitoring.

The joint Togolese / British / German team of scientists placed 100 camera traps in the Fazao-Malfakassa National Park, the largest protected area in the country. We were astonished and delighted to capture this image of a Walter’s duiker, but also recorded several other endangered and endemic species.

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