First big game hunt (leopard) advice please


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Sep 21, 2010
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Hi all

My uncle is a outfitter in namibia and has offered me a leopard as my 21st birthday present,
so seeing as tho it will be my first big game/dangerous game animal would like to get any advice from those of you that have hunted leopard as uptil now i have only hunted plainsgame of which the biggest is kudu

Hi F.L.A.S.H

All I can say is enjoy every moment of it there is something special behind hunting those big cats!


Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
All I can say is enjoy every moment of it there is something special behind hunting those big cats! . . . Patience....................Patience

Flash, this is excellent advice from Louise. Leopard hunting is a game of patience in many respects. But most important, as with all hunting, is that you 'pick your shot', 'take careful aim' and 'squeeze that trigger'. If done properly 'old spot' will drop like a bad habit. He may seem hypnotic to some but in reality he is but flesh and bone and possesses no real magic.

Happy hunting and good luck!
I just got back from a 14 day safari in Namibia for Leopard we were unsuccessful but the experience was unbelievable.
Guys thank you very much for the replies, all the advice is greatly appreciated

Dlove where in Nam did you hunt and with whom?
We were north of Okahandja with Botha Jansen of Reveille Hunting Farm, but we hunted the leopard on one of their cattle farms a little southeast of the main farm.

Experience the thump of your heart, the moments of silence when you are waiting and have the ultimate fortitude .................. & for sure you would bag a trophy TOM ...

Happy Hunting !!!


What a B-day present! Each hunt will be different, just take in the experience and savor it.

I had a Leopard hunt booked last year "09" then the quota closed. Having to cancel a hunt at the last minute really dampened the spirits. Namibia then changed their regulations on hunting Leopard's and each outfitter is only eligible for two tags. My outfitter did not receive any tags for this year so now I have to wait for the next allocation. Sept. they are able to apply for the tags and will find out by November if they draw them. Maybe 2011!
Guys thanx for all the positive responses

But unfortunatly my hunt had to be called short and i dident get my leopard but did get a nice zebra and ostrich and shot alot of springbuck

will post pics when i get them
FLASH...aim small, miss small. Pick one spot and shoot it.
Ok guys so i know this is very late but i only got my photos last week, so rather late than never hey

So i dident get my leopard but did get a very nice zebra, ostrich and quite a few springbuck, unfortunatly i dont have pics of the springbuck i shot but hear are the zebra and ostrich and some randoms


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F.L.A.S.H, Some very nice pictures, sorry to hear that the Leopard was not in the cards this time. It just gives you an excuse to return!
Very cool pictures. Is that a family ranch or a friend of the family's place? Pretty neat looking.
You have got to love that terrain in the photos with the Gemsbuck and the springbuck. I can just picture being behind one of those rocks and stalking close enough to let an arrow fly.

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