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    Find A Hunting Travel Expert

    Travel agent and owner of Travel Express, Lori Spears, is very knowledgeable of the outdoor sporting industry having personally hunted throughout Southern & Central Africa, New Zealand, Argentina & North America.

    Travel Express is a full service travel agency that can assist with all aspects of your hunting travel planning from airfare, lodging and car rentals to entry visa's, firearm permits, trip insurance policies and medical evacuation services. You can rely on her experience and personal commitment when contemplating your next Hunting Adventure.

    Lori has worked in the travel agency industry for over twelve years and owns Travel Express, an ARC accredited agency. Her focus is on arranging airfare for sportsmen with an emphasis on African destinations. She strives to offer a very personalized service with the client's budget and needs in mind.

    Although she can help in arrangements to most worldwide destinations, her specialty is Africa. She has a full-time liaison in Johannesburg who can provide meet and greet services, transfers and assist with any travel issues that may arise. I personally use Lori and am confident to send those I know to her as she is always friendly, detail oriented and usually ends up saving more than a few bucks.


    Travel Express - Your Travel Agent Specializing in Hunting!
    Lori Spears
    +1 (406) 363-0883 - +1 (800) 808-4868

    Some Pictures from Lori's Photo Gallery


    Greater Kudu

    Red Hartebeest



    Hartmann's Mountain Zebra
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