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Jul 18, 2019
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Buyer pays for shipping as you desire between UPS & USPS. I accept the following forms of payment: USPS MO, cashier’s check, or personal check. When payment clears, I will ship the garment to you.

This is a Forest Green Double Mackinaw Cruiser. Filson no longer makes this coat. The Single Mackinaw Cruiser currently sells for $495.

The Double Mackinaw Cruiser has a second layer of wool completely covering the shoulders and the arms. It is much warmer, blocks the wind better, and resists rain longer. The coat is a size 48. Features include:
  • Pass through kidney pocket (bins not included - for size comparison only)
  • Air Force gloves/Handwarmer pockets behind the front hip pockets
  • A 6”x6” chest pocket on the right side under the cape snap
  • A 6”x6” chest pocket on the left side under the cape snap with three pen pockets sewn to the front
  • Interior pocket on left chest
  • The cuffs and front button
  • The weight of the wool is either 24 or 26 oz.

    $475 + shipping.

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Coat 2.jpg
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Coat 4.jpg
Coat 5.jpg
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That is a cozy garment and will serve someone well for a long while. GLWS
I have several Seattle made Filson products- they are top of the line quality and provide a couple lifetimes of service.
many years ago I was a filson territory sales repI used to own one of these, ended up selling it, keeping the single layer mac. It is the warmest coat money can buy imo, but the weight was to much for me, have a bad shoulder,.....can't carry a heavy pack either. GLWS, it will sure be someones lifetime jacket.
the size is 48, which is way big for me (size 40), but for those who it would fit, there is none better. I attended a 3 day cold weather survival class about 30 years ago held mostly above timberline on Mt Hood, Oregon. Included were digging snow caves, hiking, fire building & related activities. A lot of calories were burnt and body heat generated. I was the only one wearing wool (Filson Mackinaw double jacket, trousers and cruiser hat) as outer garments. Others in the class wore outdoor clothing of the day- nylon jacket filled with synthetic insulation- some even had the invention of the day, Gore Tex.
About an hour into the labors those with the "new" stuff were in a pattern of take off/put on because they would get hot and sweaty, then cold and shivering because the clothing didn't ventilate perspiration very well. Meanwhile, my clothing allowed the moisture to pass through while retaining heat so I was quite comfortable laboring at temperatures from 0 - 20 F. Initially the other students poked fun at my "old school" attire, but by the end of the third day the ridicule had turned to praise.
Nothing quite like good wool.
If I had more of a need for this I'd be on it in a second! Great product. A couple years ago my wife got me the lined Filson Packer Coat. Warmest garment I've ever owned--almost too warm for much of the winter! When you're wearing that coat, you know it!

In Alaska the double Mac is affectionately dubbed the AK tuxedo. At formal functions, many of the guys wear these in lieu of top coats. I will not give mine up, but it doesn’t see a lot of use in Bama!
I think it was the Filson Forester Cruiser that had the nick-name Alaska Tuxedo, particularly when both the coat and pants were worn- it was a suit.
I think it was the Filson Forester Cruiser that had the nick-name Alaska Tuxedo, particularly when both the coat and pants were worn- it was a suit.

Perhaps, in Alaska we called the green double Mac the AK tuxedo but it could be we were wrong to do so. Regardless, it’s a great coat.
For those of you that have no experience with wool:
- Wool retains your body heat even when wet
- Wool is extremely quiet when stalking game
- Wool is very tough to burn, whereas fleece melts when an ember from a fire lands on it
- Wool is extremely durable - very difficult to wear out
Bump for a great jacket. I love my Filson gear. Been wearing their western style vest for years in all conditions and it still looks great. This would be mine if it were my size.
Darn, after I read the title, I was getting excited about a vintage special Filson edition of a Toyota Landcruiser. :ROFLMAO:
LOL. Both have legendary durability!
Darn, after I read the title, I was getting excited about a vintage special Filson edition of a Toyota Landcruiser. :ROFLMAO:

Each time I see the title I have the same excitation, and then “oh it’s a jacket..”
What is your height/weight? I’m trying to decide if it would fit. every 48 isn’t equal. I’m 5’9, 260
I am 5'10", and was 225 when I was wearing it. It was really a little too big for me if I wore it without any extra layers in the dead of winter, so you might be looking at a Goldilocks size here for you.

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