Fieldfare hunting in Romania

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    Fieldfare hunting in Romania

    There are only few countries in the world where those beautiful birds can be hunted and Romania is probably the best destination.
    • High volume shooting.
    • Season from 1 of September until last day of February.
    • Different species of thrushes in the same trip.
    • Cleaning and freezing the birds each day.
    • Veterinary certificate for taking the birds with you.

    Fieldfare hunting in Romania
    We offer fieldfare hunting in Romania in 2 different districts. First area is located very close to Bucharest, at the bottom of the mountains, in a huge vineyard about 20000 hectares. Here the best results are registered in October, just after the grapes are harvested. A typical day will start very early in the morning. Before the first light, each hunter will be placed in his own blind with an electronic caller meant to lure the birds in a high tree near the blind. For best results for fieldfare hunting, the hunters should wait until the birds are landing on the trees before making the first shot. The weather is also a very important factor in a successful hunt. Cold days are much better than warm days.

    As I said the clients will start hunting before the first light and hunt until 1 pm when they will retire for lunch and rest. An average day bag is about 40-50 birds but sometimes 100 birds can be bagged.

    Second area of fieldfare hunting is in the West of the country. Here you will hunt from December until last days of February, best time being January and February. Here the terrain is different. Hundreds of kilometers of fruits bushes attract thrushes especially during the winter in huge numbers. Same way of hunting but you young or more active hunters we can walk along those bushes and flash those birds too. We guarantee a minimum number of 30 birds per day per hunter but if the snow is present the number can triple very easy.

    Here you can hunt all day long or you can try a nice duck hunt in the afternoon.
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