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    Federico Sada, Big Game Hunter


    Federico Sada is the 2006 recipient of the Weatherby Hunting and Conservation Award for his outstanding sportsmanship and achievement in the hunting fields of the world, and his accomplishments in game conservation and youth education.

    Born in 1949, Federico made his first Major International Big Game Hunt in Uganda in 1969 and since then has 67 American Continent Hunts, 22 in Africa, 15 in Asia, 13 in Europe, and 5 in South Pacific.

    With a hunting career spanning 39 years and 122 Major Big Game Hunts, he has collected 212 Species recognized by the Weatherby Ballot, and 162 have made the SCI Record Book, with 27 having reached the Top Ten. His hunting philosophy and ethics have led him to hunt only one of each species, part for the challenge, and part to be prudent.

    Fedrico trophy room.jpg

    Federico has led numerous conservation projects: Sonoran and Baja California Desert Sheep, Waterfowl and endemic species in Tamaulipas, Mexican Gray Wolf and Black Bear in Nuevo Leon.

    He has been chairman for fourteen years of a 9000 acre private and public mountain reserve and public park dedicated to ecosystem conservation education and cultural activities in Monterrey, Mexico. The reserve had 800,000 visitors last year.

    Sada was nominated for the Conklin Award and received the “State Ecological Award” from the State of Nuevo Leon and the award for “Environmental Merit” in the State of Sonora. His numerous civic activities include: Member of the Board of the World Economic Forum, Mexican Council for Foreign Trade (Chairman at its creation), Consultant to the President of Mexico, and President of Bilateral Committee Mexico-France.

    He has been recognized internationally for his involvement in the with alliances between countries with such honors as the Legion of Honor from France, Orden Nacional de Cruzeiro do Sul from Brazil, Order Antonio Jose Irisari from Guatemala, Serviciul Credincios from Romania.

    During the last 20 years Federico has been actively promoting educational and service programs as a Board Member of M.D. Anderson Cancer, Monterrey Institute of Technology, Universal Forum of Culture in Monterrey and The National Library of Mexico. He served as Chairman of the National Museum of History in Mexico City and the Glass Museum in Monterrey and has published sixteen specialty books.

    Federico's worldwide accomplishments as a hunter and as an advocate for wildlife conservation exemplifies the tradition and goals of Weatherby Foundation International.

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