Favorite above .40 Revolver cartridge?

I love .454 Casull and .500 S&W. I have a 4" S&W 500 and a Magnum Research BFR with a 10" barrel chambered in .460 S&W Magnum. A .460 chambered gun can also shoot .454, so I went with the bigger round just in case I need to use it.
44 mag in an old 3 screw Ruger Blackhawk, a working half cock on a single action pistol is a wonderful thing.
Mine is the .44 Magnum.
However, I like the .41 Magnum almost as much.

And, although favorite revolver makes and models were not part of the original question, nonetheless I am quite fond of vintage (approximately Pre-1975) Smith & Wesson revolvers, chambered for almost any calibers they were made in, (including the .44 Magnum).
While I’m at it, I generally prefer barrel lengths on S&W revolvers to be 4 inch minimum to 6 and 1/2 inch maximum.
Like most you in the post I have owned multiple revolvers thru the years, but I fall back on first love the 44 Mag Super Blackhawk. Its my favorite to shoot at the range or just tooling around. Heck the right wood grip is faded from years of caring it on hunts. But one year she fell to stop a four legged intruder invading my space, so I retired her for a 6" 454 Casull by FA. On a side note, the Raging Bull by Taurus is a hell of pistol as well.

Personally I can't 460 or 500 back in my sight plan faster enough for a follow up shot to my liking.
The 45 colt and the 480 Ruger. I have a Ruger Redhawk 4.2 inch barrel in 45 colt. Brian Pierce of handloader magazine said this revolver will take 50,000 psi, that’s right on the heels of the 454 Casull, Although I have never loaded it that hot. A heavy dose of Winchester 296 and a 360 grain cast bullet is quite a handful. The 480 Ruger is also a great caliber. I have one in the Ruger super Blackhawk 6 1/2 inch barrel. Power Pro 300 and a 425 grain cast bullet turns this gun into a real beast. The single action grip handles recoil nice also.
Anything I want to do with a revolver I can do with a well-loaded .45 Colt.

I bought my first .45 Colt in 1975 at the age of 17 and change.

You're welcome, Scott!
:A Banana: Thank you!! LOL. :A Banana: :A Banana:
My daily carry is a Charter Bulldog in .44 Special. However, there is only one handgun round that I love, the good old .45 Colt. I have used it to kill everything from deer on down to chipmunk and it just plain works without all the hoopla associated with the Magnum .44s or .45s. It's great fun loaded with black powder and deadly serious with strong handloads (which I have found to be largely unnecessary). I have a soft spot for rounds that started out with blackpowder.
I am going to go with the .45 Super. It shoots .45 ACP all day when you want to practice and by simply switching magazines, you have a low recoiling .45 that hits with 750-850 ft-lbs and can sling bullets up to 275 grains from a semi-auto pistol. My gun setup is below, but any fully supported .45 ACP can shoot this caliber.


Springfield XD 5" .45ACP
solid Recoil spring guide rod
22 lb recoil spring
5.75" ported EFK Fire Dragon Barrel (to slow the slide down)

It is an 800 ft-lb semi-auto that carries 10 rounds and drops all the brass 6-8 ft from the shooter for reloading.

Here is the original thread on it.

oops sorry. I missed where it said revolver cartridge... I would have to go with the .44 mag on that end. Low enough recoil and all the power you can really use out of a handgun (I don't handgun hunt so I bring rifles if a .44 couldn't sort it out).

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