Father & Son Deer Hunting

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    Father & Son Deer Hunting

    One morning, a father and his young son were in the woods hunting deer. After about an hour, they finally came across some deer tracks. In between the tracks, there were these little round brown pellets and the son said to his father "Dad, what are those?"

    The father replied "Those are smart pills, try a couple". So the son grabbed a couple of them and put them in his mouth. The boy made a funny face and said to his dad "Ewww! Yuk! They taste like s**t".

    The father replied "See, you're getting smarter already".

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    tis the season

    a while back, my grandson and I were driving along and I ask if they taught about the seasons in school, he said no. then I ask if he knew what season it was? he said yes, it's deer season, dove season over. he was at the time 8 1/2. kids are our greatest asset .:clapping:

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