Fallow & Muntjac Shooting in the UK - Trophies also available

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    The Trip will include four stalks and if the opportunity arises to shoot a maximum of eight deer. Fallow cull Bucks & Does only (No palmated Bucks to be shot). Muntjac cull animals only. (No immature or Trophy Bucks). All stalks will be from High Seats. The 8 deer maybe shot equally over the four stalks or if the opportunity arises then all in one sitting if desired. Additional deer can be shot however a surcharge is in place and will be charged at ï½£35 per cull animal.
    Trophy fees will apply to Muntjac Bucks shot showing evidence of two brow tines and antler length measuring longer than 5cm and these will be charged at ï½£250 per Buck, less than will be ï½£100 per Buck. Trophy fees will apply to any palmated Fallow bucks, and charged at ï½£500 per Buck.
    The trips are over a three day period, the first shoot will be an evening followed by two on the 2nd day and the final stalk on the 3rd day in the morning.
    Overnight accommodation will be arranged as part of the deals. - ï½£Depends on rate at time of booking. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon booking. The remainder is payable upon arrival. Your booking is secured when the deposit is processed.
    Cheques be made payable to æ»´unting Experiences or (preferred method is BACS payment). The Final Payment for stalking is due Upon Arrival. We will request to see your firearms & insurance to ensure the legal calibre is stipulated and insurance is valid. (Please Note sound moderators are highly recommended.)
    We will be catering for up to 6-8 guns.
    Total stalking cost - ï½£400 per person
    Accommodation - ï½£Depends on rate at time

    Additional Costs
    Food & Beverages
    Airport Transfers
    Trophy preparation (cleaned skull) ï½£25 paid cash to guide.
    Trophy CIC assessment.
    Full cape skinning, salting & freezing.
    Packing & shipping of Trophies to EU country.
    European Permit Arrangement ï½£40
    Non Hunter in the field, price per day. ï½£40

    2nd, 3rd & 4th November Fallow 7th, 8th & 9th December - Fallow
    11th 12th & 13th January Fallow 8th 9th & 10th February Fallow & Muntjac
    8th 9th & 10th March - Fallow & Muntjac 19th 20th & 21st April - Muntjac
    May - to be decided depending upon numbers of deer.

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