Fall Reloading Equipment Clean Up: For Sale 45 ACP Steel Dies With Brass, 338 Lapua RCBS Seater, 35 Whelen RCBS Dies, RCBS Lube Dies


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Oct 23, 2022
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American Canyon, CA
WTS 45 ACP Steel Dies w/ brass, , 6.5 Creedmore dies, 35 Whelen RCBS dies, RCBS Lube Dies

Available individually or as a package.
All Prices include Shipping.

1) RCBS Hand Priming Tool:

I am selling my spare RCBS Hand Priming Tool
This unit is in excellent working condition with limited use.
Comes in the original box with all the accesories it came to run small and large primers. It will also come with 2 primer pans. I found it easier to have 2 pans.

Asking $50 shipped.

2) WTS RCBS 45 ACP Steel 3 die set w/ 1000 once fired 45 ACP brass LPP

Selling a RCBS RCBS 45 ACP Steel 3 die set and brass package.
This will come wiht 12 lbs (1000) 45 ACP once fired brass.

Both items are in excellent condition.
Purchased the dies for $45 with shipping a few years ago.
Used very little.
Asking $110 shipped.

3) WTS RCBS 35 Whelen Full Length 2 die set.
Selling my used 35 Whelen Full Length 2 die set.
In excellent working order. This is an older RCBS dies. Never had any issues. I just have too many duplicate dies.
I Have been storing this in a Lee circular container. The original RCBS box was damaged years ago.
What you see is what you get.

Asking $35 shipped.

4)WTS RCBS #3 and #4 Case Lube Die NOS

I am selling 2 RCBS Case Lube Dies. Being sold as a set.
#3 die is for 30-30, 7.62x39 size cartridges
#4 die is for Large Magnum cases such as the 300 Winchester Magnum

Please refer to the die reference list I have included below.
Both dies are in mint condition/unused come with the RCBS literature and case lube bottle which was issued from the factory. I have both dies stored in a red Lee circular die holder. These were originally issued in a blister pack that I have opened and thrown away.

Dies have never been used or screwed into a reloader.

Designed to be used on a progressive reloader such as the pro 2000, 4x4 , ammomaster, etc.
I paid around $40 each
Asking $50 for both shipped or 30 each shipped

5) RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure

RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure. The unit is used and in excellent working condition.
May need some minor in the plastic powder tube/flask. Old powder reacted to the plastic. Looks and feels like some adhesion. I got it like that. This is an early RCBS probably from the 1970's or earlier. It is mostly cosmetic and it does not seem to affect function.

I would rate the whole unit's finish as it sits around 90%. Function is 100% all all the pieces are present and function w/o any issues.

Asking $50 shipped

8) WTS RCBS 338 Lapua Seating Die NOS:

I am selling a RCBS 338 Lapua Seating Die NOS

Both dies are in mint condition/unused

Dies have never been used or screwed into a reloader.
This was part of a standard die set. Upgraded my to a micrometer unit. I sold the rifle with the dies and forgot about this. Clearing my spares .

Asking $25 for shipped

9) WTS 100 pieces of new unused Starline 45 colt Brass

100 pieces of new unused Starline 45 colt Brass.
I needed some 45 colt brass for my rifle.
More of my all or nothing deal.
Paid current market value for 200 pieces, but I only need 100.

I am selling the remaining 100 I don't need.
These are all new.

Asking $65 shipped

10) WTS Headspace Gauge sets: 30-30 Winchester

PTG 30-30 2 guage set:
Included in this package is a Go and No-Go gauge, all are unused and in excellent to mint condition. Been sitting for years.
Asking: $75 shipped for both.

Please refer to the images for condition. Comes in the original containers.

Free delivery is possible if you are between Vallejo and San Mateo. Once a week I am in Milpitas, Stockton, and Tracy.
I can meet you during my daily commute.
Located in Vallejo CA 9458
If you are reading this ad, the item is still available.
Paypal-friend and family, Venmo, Zelle, MO, and personal checks are welcome.
I do not mind mailing items.
I will provide tracking information with the sale. I typically use USPS and UPS.I do not mind mailing

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I’ll take #5 - RCBS Uniflow please.
Pm me please!

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