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    A few random moments, pics and updates over the past few months.

    Through sustainable utilization we pay for conservation. The very reason why we are able to declare growth in all wildlife population across the board, including the likes of pangolin, wild dog, cheetah, and the only black and white rhino population which we do not hunt in Mozambique.


    Sunset after a good rain


    Tracking Buffalo along the Klaserie in South Africa


    Bushmen paintings in the Limpopo valley


    One way of getting to the hunting camp in Niassa, Mozambique


    Reminder of the "good ol' days". Our rifles on the gun rack as we take a rest on some shade while tracking Elephant in Niassa.


    A curious young waterbuck that had most likely never seen a human till now


    The old trooper


    Hunting in the Karoo


    For those of you who have had the chance to hunt with this man, will also know what a formidable tracker he is. When the chips are down he often seems to be able to pull the rabbit out of the hat. His tracking skills are second to none and is a master at outsmarting even the most educated leopards. I've not seen him without a smile on his face and has come up with the most ridiculous jokes leaving clients in tears of laughter. He has been a great mentor to me from a young age and I continue to learn his wisdom in the field. I salute you my friend. You are one of the unsung masters to the hunting and conservation arenas.


    A 5 year old male lion which had been killing cattle in communal lands. Despite the immense pressure from the villagers to kill the lion we managed to convince them to allow us to dart, collar and relocate the lion to the concession to monitor the cat and be able to further our studies on animal movements in the area.


    Complete contrast to the drought of 2016.





    National Children's day in Mozambique where we visited the schools built buy hunters dollars and delivered protein from our buffalo hunt. The kids were all about the video camera and seeing themselves on the playback. They were so grateful of our visit and our contributions. It often humbles us to thing of how fortunate we are and it only takes the simple things in life to bring us joy.


    Anti Poaching scouts trying to get an advantaged view of what's ahead. Folks that dedicate all their effort into looking after a natural heritage. These are unsung heroes.


    Bullet performance
    #hunting #470nitroexpress #500nitroexpress#doublerifle




    Some lazy Lions taking cat naps after killing a Wildebeest


    Beautiful Kudu bull amongst Protea bushes in the Waterberg

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