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Limpopo Province, South Africa
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South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana.

Limcroma Safari's main lodges are located in the rugged Limpopo Province of the Republic of South Africa (RSA). Professional Hunter and outfitter, Hannes Els, founder and owner of Limcroma Safaris, will be your host during your unforgettable African safari vacation. The name Limcroma is derived from the first few letters in the name of the three rivers that come together on the ranch. The Limpopo, the Crocodile and the Marico rivers form a natural border between South Africa and Botswana. This region is one of the top hunting destinations in all of Southern Africa.

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In addition to over 40 plainsgame species, we offer several hunting opportunities for dangerous game in South Africa as well as Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Namibia. Our long term relationships with landowners and concession holders in these countries has been the backbone of our past success on the Big 5. You will enjoy a multitude of options when it comes to hunting lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard and rhino with Limcroma Safaris. Our emphasis is on first class service and trophy quality. It goes without saying that our returning client base and track record speaks for itself. Hannes and the whole Limcroma Safaris team are dedicated to insuring when you travel to The Dark Continent, it will be an experience you will never forget.

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We will be formally introducing our Sable Valley Lodge to our guests in the 2016 season. As a compliment to our original Three Rivers camp, the Sable valley camp was built brand new from the ground up just a few miles down the road. This camp was designed to cater specifically to the many families and couples that we host on safari. Including all of the first-class accommodation and service of the Three Rivers camp, the Sable Valley lodge takes it to another level. Here, the chalets are more spacious than ever with ensuite bath tubs and showers in every room. The new lodge also boasts a huge lapa, a game & recreation room, and an on-site spa.

The theme was designed with luxury and comfort for the entire family in mind, but not at the expense of sacrificing all of the authentic South African tradition and décor. Guest staying here will be spoiled like never before.

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It goes without saying that no other region in the world offers more variety, challenge, and opportunity at big game than Africa. It is truly a hunter's paradise, yet the African experience is not complete from just the fantastic hunting alone. A wealth of adventure and education awaits those who are able to sample some of the non-hunting excursions and the many cultural activities that we offer during a safari with Limcroma.

Game viewing photo safaris, elephant back safaris, animal interaction parks, and many more interactive activities can be arranged as day trips departing from the lodge. For those with more time, we can also arrange for private multi-day tours of Kruger Park, Victoria Falls, and the Cape Town are. We can even arrange to combine a few days of Tiger fishing on the mighty Zambezi River into any hunting safari. The options for adventure are endless!

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I'm sure you must have your own Kalahari Ferrari by now??
Very nice pics, thanks for sharing!
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When visiting on a hunting safari, we always encourage our guests who are able to spend a few extra days either before or after their hunt to visit one of the many other fantastic destinations that are so close by.... Cape Town and its surround areas offer more to do and see than you can possibly imagine. For couples and families it is a must see at least once.

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Form our extended family to yours, we look forward to hosting you on your next adventure!
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Impressive looking lodge!
Agree with Charlie, very nice looking lodge and accommodations!
I sooooo wanted to go dive with great whites while we were there but I ran out of time and $$$$.
Great lodge and something to be proud of!

What's the varmint in between the penguins? Pretty cool little animal.
Enjoyed the tour.(y)
108 days and counting down! see you all soon.
What's the varmint in between the penguins? Pretty cool little animal


It's locally called a dussie or dassie if you prefer. Also know as a rock badger or Cape Hyrax. They are all over the rocky coastal areas of Cape Town. They are a bit larger than a guinea pig. They seem friendly and are often fed by the tourists, but they pack nasty bite if you are not careful.
Looking forward to staying at the new lodge next trip over. Tell Jan that Mike and I said hello!
I sooooo wanted to go dive with great whites while we were there but I ran out of time and $$$$.

Here's a couple of my personal pics from our last visit to the Cape Town area. For anyone thinking of doing the cage dive, it's an amazing experience that I highly recommend. There were folks on this trip from 8 to 80 getting into the cage. The guide I recommend is Capt. Brian MacFarlane on the Apex Predator out of Gansbaai. This guy was one of the first in the business, and he is the only one that I know of that guarantees shark sightings. In addition to the cage diving, you will get an up close and personal encounter with the seal colony on seal island. You will also likely get to do some whale watching during the right time of year.

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Sable @ the lodge this morning

Buffalo encounter this morning!

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