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Within the Exclusive Arno Bernard Marquis (2018) Collection, you'll find something special: Mammoth Ivory Bark. This rare and unique material creates a one-of-a-kind look with exceptional durability. Crafted from the most desirable outside portion of tusk, each knife has it's own character and color variation. Plus, when you order from our Exclusive Marquis Collection, you'll receive the exact knife you purchased online. Isn't it time to start your collection? https://bit.ly/2yvdbTZ

Exclusive Marquis (2018) Collection


The 2018 Exclusive Series from Arno Bernard are one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Each of the 4 models include a locking sheath design with a lanyard and bead. Mammoth Ivory Bark (top) handled knives have a Damasteel® Damascus Rose pattern blade and include an Ostrich Sheath. Remaining handle materials have a Bohler N690 Steel blade and come with a Bovine Leather Sheath. Dyed warthog ivory handle is available with the Bateleur and Marmoset models only. You will receive the ACTUAL knife pictured.


BONGO - A very efficient drop point design that is perfect for medium sized game. It will be your “go to” knife for any whitetail, elk, or medium plains game excursion.

BADGER - For those who prefer a bit more of a clip point design, the Badger is a great design for processing small game, fowl, and even deer-sized animals.

BATELEUR - Our bird and trout knife that can be used for meticulous caping jobs; and with its new lanyard and bead and locking sheath design it is also an excellent EDC knife.

MARMOSET - Great for use on fowl but with a bit more belly than the Bateleur, we like to think of the Marmoset as a trout and deer design. Perfect for processing small game and fowl, it also excels as a beautiful EDC.


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