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That looks awesome. My wife only gave me the basement. You must do something better then me in order to get the whole house lol.
Only the guest house - she keeps the dead things out of "her" house. :Banghead: :Sorry:
I have a couple mounts up, but the majority are euros I clean up myself. They take up much less space and save $$. If I kill a big majestic Bull Elk in the next 5 years or so, I could see coughing up the cash for a wall ped. Outside of that, I plan on euros and pics.
Nice G Skinner!
Coming soon. Still a big piece.
The plaque style euro mount doesn't really fit in our coastal house so I usually walk down to the nearby beach and find some driftwood that catches my eye in order to mount my skulls on. Looks better than a bare skull on the wall and helps tie into her decor.

Also I like the bottom jaw included. Some think it looks strange but I think it gives a better profile.

Her Blesbuck

His and hers from a whitetail weekend
who can post their euro mount displays looking for ideas for my trophies from my upcoming safari with limcroma

Just like @Red Leg , I'm forbidden from bringing jeffery dahmer style taxidermy into the house. The happy medium is that we do "modified euro mounts".

You cut off the skull. You then build the horn base into a shield shape. It is covered in leather, baize felt, or tweed. It looks very "Ralph Lauren designer estate". Then, we go onto our favorite site, eBay and type a google search for "taxidermy carved plaques". A bunch of hand carved traditional stuff shows up from places like Romania and Bosnia. For $60, I bought a round carved plaque that was originally intended to hold wild boar tusks in the middle. We instead place the modified euro mount in the middle. It looks quite elegant and it doesn't unsettle the boss the way looking at the cranium of a dead animal does.
That is probably the most impressive euro I've ever seen but how in the world do you keep from impaling yourself when you walk past those horns? :A Crutches:

Not sure - its still in my taxidermist's house. No idea where the hell I'll put it, but I like it!
The Skull Hooker deer head tree became my Christmas tree this year

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Have interest in the Chapuis. Would like to see more assembled pics if possible, i know its a beautiful firearm!
Also, could you use other ammo such as Barnes etc...
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Also, more pics of female #2(black ticked). Thanks, Neil
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Could you send me some more pics of the Dam(weight?) and Sire, front rear and side pics., looking for a smaller female, with ticking. thanks Don
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Please let me know the status of the Sako 500J, thanks again
2 more jackal , one was a big male!