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Steel, Wood, and Leather.
The harmony between the human hand and plant and animal life.

We continue to do our job in the respect of these values handed down since the generation of our founders.
V-C, you are correct, if i miss, it is indeed my fault, i have one of your boxlock 577's with 26" barrels, a beautiful shooting 13.5 pound bank vault tight beast, it shoots to sight regulation with H-4350 powder under 750gr Barnes banded flat nosed solids and TSX bullets for 2076 fps, Cape Buffalo at 16 yards in a Tanzanian dry river bed and a monster Rowland Ward hippo bull at 19 yards facing head on on dry ground were no match for the power and precision the rifle provided, they both dropped dead with a single shot, insurance shots with solids at PH's request were unneeded.


By Michael Arnold​

“I’ve done a lot of shooting with the .400 … I killed practically all species of African game, and my experience was such that I would not hesitate to follow any dangerous animal into any sort of cover if armed with a double [.450/.400].” (African Rifles and Cartridges)
John Taylor’s extolling of the .450/.400 calibre included this declaration: “It has ever been one of my favorites.” Craig Boddington has championed this calibre as well, suggesting it was reliable for even elephant, where it yielded “… superb penetration and very mild recoil” (Safari Rifles II).

That Taylor would laud such a calibre might seem a bit surprising, coming as it did from the man reputed to favour only the largest of calibres for use in his chosen profession as an ivory hunter. Yet his vast experience in the hunting field provided the data to conclude: “Just because a [.450/.400 or .404 Jeffery] looks small when compared with an 8-bore, or even a .577, is no argument … practical experience has shown that it’s a simply splendid weapon for all heavy and dangerous game anywhere …” (Taylor’s emphasis).


Jérôme Lanoue always attempted to make prompt correspondence, and still does since he moved on. Can anyone direct me to whom has taken his place for Verney-Carron's Sale Associate?​

Thank You.
I Remain,
It is a shame VC is so not user friendly. Or maybe I have not historically approached correctly. Either way, beautiful products in the hand.
That's because you probably don't speak French. Hah! Seriously, talk to Ken at Kebco. He is the importer and US rep for VC - great guy. Recently got my 600 NE from Kebco. Check out the listings on GI. I am sure he will be at Dallas in January. See you all there.
Available in three versions, models « One » and « Karbon » with synthetic stock and « Classique » with walnut stock.

Disponible en trois versions, les modèles « One » et « Karbon » avec crosse synthétique et « Classique » avec crosse en noyer.


A new straight-pull rifle by Verney-Carron.

La nouvelle carabine à réarmement linéaire par Verney-Carron.



Deep-in-depth design research with our R&D office, this new type of Stop&Go® handgun will usher in a new era. Combining maneuver, speed and the most innovative shooting ability and looks, it will quickly become your new best companion.

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