Elephants trample Mbala villager to death

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    Four elephants have entered Mbala’s Kasesha village from the neighboring Republic of Tanzania and killed one man in the area.

    The incident happened on Monday around 14:00 hours when the villagers wanted to chase the elephants from destroying their maize fields.

    District Commissioner, Kedrick Sikombe has confirmed the entry of four elephants and killing of a man to ZANIS in Mbala yesterday.

    He says after the struggle to chase away the animals, the elephants pounced on a man named as Alex Lyawawa Ngogi and killed him instantly.

    The DC has suspected that the villagers provoked the elephants by shooting them with catapults when the animals pounced on Ngogi and killed him.

    The body of Mr Ngogi was put to rest at Kasesha village yesterday.

    Mr Sikombe says he has dispatched a group of ZAWA officers to Kasesha village to assess the situation.

    Source: https://www.lusakatimes.com/2018/02/07/elephants-trample-mbala-villager-death/

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