Eland Derby Hunting in North Cameroon in March-April 2012

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    Africam Safaris company offers a special price for Eland derby hunting in March-April 2012 in Northern Cameroon.

    "Eland Derby" (eland + 4 group "B" animals )
    Length of hunt: 12 days
    Hunting cost (1 х 1): 15900 euro
    Cost for accompanying person: 3 500 euro

    In case if a hunter does not get Eland he/she will get a refund of 5000 euro.

    Organizational fees are:
    - 610 euro per hunter (includes local flight cost, airport accompaniment, gun processing procedure when entering Cameroon (1 unit), airport fees in Cameroon);
    - 450 euro per accompanying person (includes local flight, airport accompaniment, airport fees in Cameroon).

    Additional expenses not included in total cost
    International flight (by request)
    Trophy cost
    Lease gun ammo cost (from 2 to 15 euro per one round depending on caliber) and gun leasing (60 euro per day)
    Trophies export from Cameroon and their import to the country of origin, CITES procession, ivory tax payment
    Internet, Skype, telephone, fax etc expenses
    Personnel tips
    Medical certificate procession, vaccination
    Gun export from the country of origin permit
    Medical insurance, arms insurance
    Fishing (150 euro a day per person)
    Hotel before and after safari
    Visa processing
    Obtaining a permit to bring in guns to Cameroon
    Medical certificate a permission to hunt in African countries

    Trophy Cost in euro including taxes
    Group "A" animals
    Lord Derby Eland 4 000
    Group "B" animals
    Western Hartebeest 630
    Red-flanked Duiker 300
    Western Bush Duiker 300
    Nigerian Bohor Reedbuck 380
    Sing-sing Waterbuck 650
    Buffon Kob 380
    Baboon (or Vervet Monkey, or Patas Monkey) 140
    Harnessed Bushbuck 380
    Spotted Hyena 610
    Common Oribi 300
    Red River Hog 500
    Сentral African Warthog 380
    African Civet (or Genet, or White-Tailed Mongoose) 250
    Jackal 250
    Serval 250
    Porcupine 250
    * It is forbidden to shoot females. In case of mistake the trophy cost doubles and the license for the animal is considered closed
    ** The wounded animal which is not found is paid for at full cost

    Booking conditions: 3000 (three thousand euro) in advance to book the desired dates and animal quotas.
    Full amount should be paid due to at least 45 days before the safari.
    The deposit of 70% of the desired trophy cost before the beginning of safari is obligatory.

    General conditions.
    - The safari is considered booked only if the payment schedule is fulfilled.
    - The hunter takes the liability to have a vaccination against yellow fever at least 14 days before the supposed date of flight and to obtain the international documents confirming the vaccination.
    It is an OBLIGATION to provide the yellow fever vaccination certificate to receive the visa for Cameroon Republic.
    - In case the necessary data is not provided to the agent for visa processing, and if the hunter does not vaccinate himself against yellow fever or has got no document to confirm the vaccination, the agency takes no responsibility for the cancellation of the safari. In this case the hunter pays the same penalty as if the safari is moved to other dates.
    - If the safari is cancelled or moved to the different dates earlier than 45 days before its designated beginning, the penalty would be 3000 euro per hunter and 500 euro per accompanying person. If the safari is cancelled or moved to a different date that is later than 45 days due to its designated beginning, the penalty would be the full cost of the safari.
    - All cancellations and changes are to be published in a written form with the consent of the parties.
    - All the after-the-safari payments such as trophy fees, tips, payments for alcohol beverages( only in case of special requests if there are no such beverages in the camp) are to be paid by cash at the end of the hunting or by money transfer before the hunting begins (deposit) in euro.
    - It is strictly forbidden to shoot females and young animals the maturity of the animal is to be evaluated by the professional hunter!
    - The hunter bears personal responsibility for all his shots made without a direct instruction of the professional hunter. All the confiscations and\or penalties are his personal responsibility. The company, the professional hunters and the agents do not bear any responsibility for these questions.
    - Neither agent nor professional hunter may in any way be responsible for a delay or loss of the luggage on international or charter flights and for any additional expenses such as: the hotel, the restaurant or additional flight tickets that may happen to the client due to a flight delay or luggage loss.
    - Hunting in Africa is a potentially dangerous sport. The company, its agents and professional hunters take no responsibility for any accident that may happen to the client or his accompanying person during the hunt. We recommend all the hunters and accompanying persons to purchase insurance policies for the time of the safari, and to protect themselves against any reprimands in connection with the safari cancellation.
    - The safari can be cancelled due to extremely bad weather conditions or a change in political situation. In case of such cancellation all the fees are not compensated, however, the company and the agents will do their best to move your safari to other dates.
    - The company, the agents and the professional hunters cannot bear responsibility for floods or drought that can have a bad influence on the succession of the safari.


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    Some nice trophies on your website.
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    Yeah, thanks. This year is especially successful!
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