Eland and ELD-X performance

Ya just too much velocity on impact for that bullet. If im not mistaken "they" are saying the "ELD-X is a long range hunting bullet"

This site has shown me velocity isn’t a bullets friend. It doesn’t kill faster either usually.
Ive been Using heavy 180 gr 308 win ammo out of my 18inch barrel has them coming out a little under 2550fps.
Ive never seen cheap cup n core bullets hold together and drive so deep as they do with that rifle set up. I think with a 300 win mag its hard to go wrong with a mono metal just because velocities are always screaming.
I put this post up as a public service. Here is the jacket that was recovered. I've ordered Barnes 212 LRX bullets.
bullet performance.jpg
From my experience I would guess the rest of the lead from that bullet looked like a tight shotgun pattern. On small or light game animals these bullets are good but at 400 yards plus they come into their own, hold together well and drive to the skin on the far side.
Since it really is a long range bullet, I wouldn’t take it to Africa, there are better bullets for the job. I don’t like africa to be a long range prospect, that’s not why I go there. . .
Why mess with it. Just use a proven bullet that is tough enough and if needed has enough BC to adequately massage the ego of the shooter. TTSX, Scirocco, Accubond and Hornady's own copper mono all come to mind. Or better yet forget the warp velocity junk, use a proven tough bullet, hunt to a reasonable range and forget the BC and dreams of shooting at animals like a youtube sniper.
I have shot a few animals wit the 178 gr ELD-X, and all of them are dead granted but shit bullet performance on all of them. Great bullet for punching paper and perhaps longer shots on large animals but I limit the use of this type of bullet to prairie dogs to whitetail. For a tipped bullet I prefer a TTSX, Scirocco or an Accubond.

I know I won’t ever be a hand model but this is a 165 AB out of a 300 H&H I just recovered out of a bull just under the skin of the far shoulder after going from behind the last rib quartering. Bullet performed better than I thought it would at 450 yards. Great expansion and it held together.
I saw an ELD-X explode on the surface of a Coues buck last year. Luckily the surface wound was sufficient to kill that deer. I’ve wondered if the bullet hit a branch before the deer and started to come apart prior to impact. Regardless, it is not a bullet I will use on game, there are too many good options out there.
I did a lot of experimenting with ELD-X on pigs before my Africa hunt. Comparing ELD-X results to TSX and LRX had me taking LRX to Africa. When i shot my massive Eland with my 300 PRC, the 190 grain Barnes LRX went all the way through both shoulders and he made it about 20 yds before he fell.
Even hunting smaller game, I opt for premium bullets. I don't like wounding animals especially if I did my part and put it where it was supposed to go. Having never shot an eland, and knowing how hard even smaller animals are on bullets, I would opt for a TTSX or an A-Frame, preferably out of a .375. anything heavy .30 cal and bigger would probably do it though. Smaller calibers might kill it, but on an animal that big, I'd want to let some light in as they have a ton of blood and a tiny hole isn't going to let it out really fast. Heavy and slow wins the race. even a 300 grain Hornady RN Interlock holds together pretty well with an impact velocity under 2,400fps.
Regardless, it is not a bullet I will use on game, there are too many good options out there.
exactly, even if you are a "long-range hunter" there are even better options for that pursuit. such as the ABLR and the Terminal Ascent.
It's hard to tell but I got fried. We were quite some distance from the bucky when the clouds opened up. Rain at a 45 degree angle. That washed off all of my sun screen. I doubt I will go in November again. Weather was against us.
I shot a mature old bull in South Africa last week. 1200 pounds on the hoof, dark dewlap, worn horns and almost no hair on the neck. We tried for 2 days to get a larger bull. I didn't want to do a sniper shot. He was too smart for me. I ended up shooting the one in the picture. Slight quartering shoulder shot. 300 PRC 212 ELD-X 2860 fps at the muzzle. The bullet went through bone, the first lung, over the heart and was recovered against the second lung. It slightly pierced the second lung as both lungs were full of blood. It had spit it's core. The the Eland ran about 120 yards and fell dead.View attachment 500401
I love the 143 ELD-X in my 6.5CM and it has been a one shot kill with every animal my wife and I have taken over the past 5 years. It's been a great performer. We have never had to track an Animal ever. Just walk to the kill 100 yards has been the longest ever. BUT I will NEVER use that bullet on an Eland again.
The bullet worked it resulted in one very dead eland but I agree it would not have been my bullet of choice. I would have gone something a bit tougher like a Barnes, A-FRAME, Woodleigh or accubond but that is just me.
I put this post up as a public service. Here is the jacket that was recovered. I've ordered Barnes 212 LRX bullets.
View attachment 500489
Looks exactly like the 212gn ELD-X one of our hunters retrieved from a warthog after being hit with a 300 win mag and the 212gn ELD-X. If it separated on a warthog I wouldn't expect it to do well on an Eland.

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