East Africa & Its Big Game

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    East Africa and Its Big Game - The Narrative of a Sporting Trip from Zanzibar to the Borders of the Masai
    by John Christopher Willoughby

    London, Longmans, Green & Co.

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    From 1889

    In the summer of 1886 I decided to pass my winter leave in India, and therefore wrote to my old friend Sir Robert Harvey, who had spent the greater part of the last ten years in shooting over that and other countries, but who was then at home, to enquire whether he intended returning to India in the autumn, as if so we might arrange to travel out together. He replied that he proposed starting for Mombasa in November, and working his way inland until he reached the forest of Taveta and the adjacent virgin hunting grounds in the plains surrounding the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, an isolated and giant mountain situated on the borders of the land of the warlike Masai. He added a detailed account of his proposed plans, and excited my imagination with a description of the abundance and variety of game to be met with in those regions. Owing to the wide-spread terror inspired by the Masai, whose constant and sanguinary cattle raids have almost denuded the district for hundreds of miles of its aboriginal inhabitants, this country had not yet been shot over, and offered to sportsmen, prepared to " rough it a bit," all the attractions of a new field for enterprise ; so when my friend finished his letter with a suggestion that I should join him in the expedition, I gladly availed myself of the chance and gave up my original idea without any feeling of regret.

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