Early 2013 Special - South Africa- "Take-Off" hunt

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    Great Special "take-off" hunt offered for end March 2013 - 6 slots available

    Package Details as follows :

    5 ( Adult )Blue Wildebeest (any sex / any size )
    10 ( Adult ) Blesbuck ( 2 Rams & 8 Ewes ) ANY SIZE (There are quite a number of Rowlands about )

    NB: There are NO additional charges, should any of your animals make the scorecards.

    Total of 15 animals to harvest per Package

    Incl in the Package Price:

    1 day in, 1 day out, plus 5 days accommodation on the gound per package SPOUSE / Hunt Buddy comes free of charge ( Spouse /Hunt Buddy can shoot off the same package )

    As Dark Continent Bowhunting actively supports Vets / Wounded Warriors, in addition, we are also prepared to offer the following :​

    1. In addition to the abovementioned Package, 2 x ADDITIONAL ( confirmed ) Vets / Wounded Warriors will be accomodated ( incl all perks as per the package ) at no additional charge

    2. The 2 x Additional Vets / Wounded Warriors may also shoot off the same package.

    3. All blinds are wheelchair "friendly"

    Included in the Package :
    All Meals / Soft Drinks / Bottled water and local beer and wines ( within reason )
    All Airport transfers Meet and Greet / æ³¥rop off
    Vehicles / Slaughter / Capes if req.
    Home Communication via Skype Cell phone with international Roaming is also available
    All Daily Laundry
    Lunch Packs in the field where required
    Video / CD of the hunt where possible
    Complementary Dark Continent Apparel
    Qualified PH 1 ON 1 on Foot
    Qualified PH 1 ON 2 on vehicle

    Registered PH's: Sean Daniels
    Francois Pienaar

    Hunts can be either/ or combination of :

    1. Walk and Stalk
    2. Vehicle spot, dismount and stalk
    3. Vehicle shooting ( for disabled hunters )
    4. Static shooting from blind

    Although the Package is essentially a Rifle shoot package, in the event that you wish to shoot with a bow It would be suggested that you shoot out most of your package in the first 3 days and then attempt the balance on Bow. Should you not manage to complete the package on Bow, you would be welcome to revert back to Rifle shooting, in order to complete your Package.

    Rifles (available ) : 1 x Silenced .243 , 1 x Silenced .270 , a sported .303 Lee Enfield and a .375 back-up /takedown ( ammo used at replacement cost ) you are also welcome to bring your own Bow / rifle/s

    TOTAL PACKAGE PRICE : $ 5 100.00 ( ALL IN ) EXCL any additional harvests.

    Additional animals may be harvested on site at an additional Charge ( Impala / Kudu /Njala / Steenbuck.)

    Eland, Springbuck, Zebra, waterbuck, bushbuck, Feral Pig and a load of VERY LARGE warthog can also be arranged a short 2 hr drive away at our other concession. There are several Kudu and Impala Rowland / SCI game-breakers also available.

    Please feel free to peruse our website as well as Standcam.com for our recent hunt vids and Hunting Reports.

    Should you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to DM me or drop us a mail.

    ps: Please note the change in website address !

    Yours in Hunting

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