Ducks, Doves & Partridges Hunt In Argentina With MG Hunting

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    Duck, Dove and Partridge in Buenos Aires

    Hunting Area:

    This program takes place in our own hunting ground in the Province of Buenos Aires, only 160 miles from International airport.

    In this part of Buenos Aires you can shoot ducks, partridges and high volume doves in the same area, due to the fact that the area is surrounded by many square miles of marshes.


    Our lodge, is only 15 to 20 minutes away from hunting places. It is located in the heart of a picturesque ranch and has 6 bedrooms with complete bathrooms, a great lounge-room with a fireplace and a dining-room. All rooms are well heated to make your stay pleasant at any time of the year.

    You will be hosted by a staff made up of housekeepers and cooks who will offer you a wide variety of international dishes and our world-known fine wines. At the beginning of the hunting season you may find that it is often warm enough to make use of our swimming-pool.


    All transfers are done in Mercedes Benz/ or similar vans that can take up to 13 passengers. Hunts are done in rugged 4-Wheel-Drive vehicles. We see to all transfers from and to airports in Buenos Aires or Cordoba. Hunters will at all times be accompanied by our staff, from their arrival to the departure. From our country.


    Temperatures in this area will vary greatly depending on the time of the year. April mornings and evenings may have temperatures of 18ªC with a high of 25ªC making it possible to enjoy a dip in our pool. May, on the other hand, temperatures may range from lows of 10ªC in the morning and evening to highs of 18ªC in the afternoon. With the arrival of winter, June temperatures go down to a low of 5 and a high of 15, reaching its coldest point in July with temperatures that range from 0ªC to 12ªC. It is not unusual to have shower during the waterfowl season so take that into account when packing suitcases.


    Hunting season for all ducks and geese in this area starts on April 15th and ends on July 31st.

    Guns, Ammunition and Regulations:

    Argentina has very simple regulations to enter guns temporarily, By doing some simple paperwork you may bring along your own gun or, if you let us know some time in advance, you can leave it up to us to avoid any delay at the airport. It is not allowed to come into the country with a great number of ammunition.

    We have a range of guns for rent if you do not wish to bring your own. You will find from 12 gauge semi-automatic Beretta 391 shotguns. We will provide you with both national and international brand shells for cal. 12 gauge.

    As far as the Immigration Department is concerned European and North American citizens do not require visas to come into the country.

    How to Get Here:

    Argentina is a country which most major American and European airlines reach. There is a wide range of offers at low prices. Our international airport in Buenos Aires is Ministro Pistarini.

    Once in Buenos Aires, our staff will be ready and very willing to help you with all your custom-related paperwork. After that you will be on your way to our Lodge which is a 3-hour-drive away.

    As most international flights arrive in the morning, we usually arrive at the lodge early enough to start your hunt that very afternoon. This will only be taken as half a hunting day and is completed your last day when you will hunt all morning and leave for Capital Federal at noon to take your flight back home.


    Daily rates include ground transfers, accommodation, meals and beverages, including hard drinks, and one bird-boy per hunter.

    - Dove, Duck and Partridge combo: U$S 1.100 per day.

    - Duck: U$S 900 per day up to 50 ducks.

    Extras for Small Game:

    Hunting License - Small Game: US$ 70 per day per hunter

    Gun permit (airport fee, maximum 3 guns per person): US$ 120 per gun

    Gun rental: US$ 70 per day

    Shells: U$S 15 per box of 25 shells (12 gauge).

    Non-Hunters US$ 200 per person

    Personal Expenses

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