Duck Hunting in Argentina

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    The natural floodplain along our lodge's hunting grounds in Argentina, provides for natural roosting and feeding for a variety of waterfowl including: ducks and geese. This marshland is home to many of our hunters with great game and action. At Los Ombues Hunting Lodge, waterfowl are abundant, and the crowd is small. If you are looking for a great outdoors hunt, visit Los Ombues Hunting Lodge's website.

    Waterfowl Hunting in Argentina
    • Duck Hunting
    • Silver Teal
    • Rosybilled Pochard
    • White Face Tree Ducks
    • Brown and White Pintails
    • Red Shoveller
    • Widgeon
    • Black Headed Duck
    • Yellowbilled Pintail
    • Cinnamon Teal
    • Brazillian Teal
    • Geese Hunting
    • Perdiz
    • Magellan Geese
    • Ashy Head Geese

    Duck Hunting in Argentina is as exciting as our Dove Hunting sport. With the large population of native waterfowl and migratory birds that our hunting property attracts, you will have successful hunting every time. Our duck hunting grounds lay upon the Parana river. A natural floodplain provides excellent feeding and roosting grounds. Duck hunting in Argentina is superb. Our native species of duck, the Rosy Billed Pochard, is just one of many species attracted to our hunting grounds.

    The natural floodplain and Parana river lays inside our hunting grounds. The terrain is terrific for attracting a large population of native Rosy Billed Pochard, along with a large variety of migratory waterfowl such as Geese and migratory duck. Duck Hunting in Argentina will bring exciting, action-packed hunts every time.

    Duck Hunting in Argentina is an amazing experience, we allow only a limited number of hunters to enjoy our property at once in order to preserve a spacious and uncrowded atmosphere.

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