DSC or SCI convention

We'd say 100% IF you reside in TX, you're FROM TX. That's dem talk! ;) Journalists often twist words. As biden says: "it's a thing." Yes, we are all about the same goals, but not all ID with Dallas (since the TV show in the 70s lol). So Dallas has moved to Atlanta?? lol

As a Texan, I’d say you are 100% wrong. If you are not born in Texas, you are not from Texas and can never be an Texan…but as the saying goes, “I’m not a Texan, but I got here as fast as I could”.

A New Yorker once told me that once you have spent more than half your life in the city you become a New Yorker. So maybe we Texans should adopt a new rule.
I think he’s been drinking. Drunk posting is sometimes a problem here and the internet in general. Don’t worry, we all appreciate @Just Gina!

I’ve been guilty of the same thing. It gets really bad when I start shopping online after a bit of whiskey…
You remind me of a question I was asked once by an engineer. "How did you get so far in your business without hiring an engineer?"

My reply was "very happily at a much more reasonable cost with very simple solutions that actually work."

You way over complicate things and are holding up progress fiddling around with stupid details that don't matter.

Hey Bob, don’t paint us all with that brush!!!
Hey Bob, don’t paint us all with that brush!!!
No of course not. That guy was a real weird fellow with crazy ideas and a lack of follow through. After him we found a really great engineer to work with. I have hired more engineers than I've had to fire. ;)

Sorry for the generalization.
I've only been to DSC, in 2022, and it was great. Plus military get in free. I don't think SCI has any such provision. I also got a last minute deal on an otherwise expensive hotel room in Dallas. I'm near New Orleans, so the temp move to Atlanta is still an easy and cheap flight for me.
Your Delphi technique skills are coming along, but no, sorry to disappoint. My ancestors came to and cleared this land in the 1600s-1700s. That would make me a Patriot, still caring for those same lands today. I just have 0 tolerance for BS, such as what you wrote above. What's your story in this regard, oh Lady living in, but not from TX? LOL Atlanta Safari Club it is! That name will def attract some top-end gang rappers of the vicinity...
I don't care much about Texas or any other state or place mentioned.
I consider them all part of United States of America and one choose to reside wherever they want.
However I'm curious how does coming here in the 1600-1700 makes you a patriot automatically?
There were a lot of immigrants in this country who came during the same period but their ancestors chose to fight on the wrong side during Civil War against the Union.
I call them traitors.
Do not confuse being a patriot and being a nationalist or statetist.
They are two different things.
Hi guys, hope everyone is doing good!
There is to much difference between DSC show and SCI show? The exhibitors are the same? If I have tonchoose one, wich one shoul I pick? Best regards and great hunts
You remind me of a question I was asked once by an engineer. "How did you get so far in your business without hiring an engineer?"

My reply was "very happily at a much more reasonable cost with very simple solutions that actually work."

You way over complicate things and are holding up progress fiddling around with stupid details that don't matter.

Hey I resemble that remark! Not all us engineers are pains in the backside!!
At the trap club last night one of the fellas asked if I'd be going to SCI convention next year. My answer: If I was court ordered to attend, I'd apply for legally assisted suicide. I'd rather take my life at home than go insane in some damn convention center. I can't deal with that much humanity in the same building. Drives me right over the edge ... admittedly it's a short trip.
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I had to do some "unblocking" to see what all the fuss was about. :LOL:

@albertoouchana: hope you can make it to one or both of the shows. As a Texan I guess I am biased as I prefer the DSC show. Always a great time and a bit more laid back. The first show attendance is always a bit overwhelming. We were so impressed by DSC our first time that we became Life Members.
Wait, am I still a Texan or am I a Colombian now? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Safe travels
My wife and I attended SCI 2023 and it was the first "major" convention for us. We really enjoyed it and would look forward to attending more. Highlights included seeing several outfitters not at other (smaller) shows, the big firearm companies in full force and of course attending the AH dinner organized by @BnC 04 and meeting so many of my fellow members. It was a wonderful experience all around.

We've not been to DSC yet but are looking forward to having a chance to experience it in the future. Not sure when that will be, but still looking forward to it.
It's my understanding is DSC looked at lots of venues. We were told Fort Worth was out because of construction (which it true). Houston allegedly was going to have construction too. But Houston has two venues that are large enough to handle the event. They said San Antonio was having construction too. That's news to me. Perhaps they could not get the dates they wanted in San Antonio, or discounted San Antonio because of it's shitty airport, who knows.

I will not be going to Altanta. When I was practicing law I had a client in Marietta and had to travel there at least yearly, I've seen enough of Atlanta.

I like Nashville, downtown is great for evening entertainment, but DSC is closer and cheaper. I also like NOLA, very hard to beat for food.
You’ll enjoy whichever is easier and cheaper for you to get to, because that’ll leave you more money to spend on hunts and guns.

I’ve never been to a bad convention in Nashville. It’ll be interesting to see how Atlanta does for DSC. Not sure the Ft Worth convention center is large enough square footage wise. Houston could’ve handled it but I feel like DSC wanted some separation from HSC. I do think the Texas attendance at DSC will be down and change the vibe when it’s in Atlanta, but I have a feeling you’ll see HSC get a bit of increase in traffic and additional exhibitors that aren’t normally there.
My wife and I have attended both venues on more then one occasion and both are excellent in their own right but we have choosen to attend SCI recently due to the fact that the isles are fairly easily naviable on any choosen day during the SCI convention and the locale is more convenient.

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