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    I need to smell mopane smoke, feel the jag of thornbush, the bounce of a bakkie, and the burn of the African sun. I am selling some of my drillings to feed my addiction. I've hunted all of these guns I might keep one, but I can't decide which one. It's like dating a couple pretty girls at the same time, you just don't want to choose just one. So I will let someone else decide. I will be listing a few other rifles and shotguns and maybe a combo over the next month or so, until I can fund my African fix. I can email more pictures. I would post more photos, but I can't seem to figure out the new Photobucket.


    The top gun is a Hubertus Drilling in 8x57JR/16/16. This is a Dural receiver drilling with walnut stock and forend, with horn grip cap, butt plate and trigger guard. The engraving is the scroll type, not game scenes. The gun weighs about 6.5 pounds. Barrels are 25 1/2 inches. I slugged the rifle bore and it is .318 inches. I patterned the shotgun barrels with Gamebore No. 6 low brass and they both seem to be tight modified to full at 35 yards. It's pleasant shooting with the light loads, but was a bit more spritely with high brass 2 ï½¾ inch shells. The shotgun chambers have been opened to take 2 ï½¾ inch shells. Bores are good. The wood finish is in very nice condition as is the checkering for a gun this old. There is one small crack at the top of the left side of the stock where the action meets the wood, that has been there for a long time and hasn't changed. There is a small chip out of the trigger guard, as well. This is a light and lively field gun, a joy to hunt with and carry, while still pleasant to shoot. The surface on the receiver has some wear of the finish. It has a greener safety, a greener crossbolt and sideclips. The front trigger is a set trigger and works nicely for me. The rifle sight is actuated with the rifle selector and works. There are cocking indicators. Barrels are Krupp steel. The front sight can be flipped from a rifle sight to an ivory bead. The gun is fitted with a set of Talley rings that go on and off easily and smoothly. It had a 2 1/2X El Paso Weaver when I got it. It's clear and seems to be in good condition. I shot a couple rounds with it on and got a group of about two inches at fifty yards leaning on sticks with five shots. The gun will come with the Weaver scope, not the Leupold scope in the picture. I just put that on to do some hunting . $3000 plus shipping.

    The middle gun is a Sauer 7x65R/16/16. I had JJ at Champlin Arms fit this gun with a swing mount to mount the Leupold 1.5-5, lengthen the chambers to 2 ï½¾ inches and set up the right shotgun barrel to receive a 22 mag insert. This gun has a Greener crossbolt and safety. This frame is steel, with nearly 27 inch barrels. Proof marks make it a 1939. Trigger guard is steel, butt plate and grip cap are plastic. Rifle sight pops up with rifle barrel selector. I've shot 1.5 inches at fifty yards off sticks. Shotshell patterns are tight modified to full. The rifle barrel has been shortened by about 3/8 inch before I got the gun. This does not seem to have affected accuracy. $ 3350 plus shipping (adapter not incuded).

    The gun at the bottom is 9.3x74/12/12 Sauer. Proof marks make it a 1942. There are no Nazi marks that I can see. Greener safety and crossbolt. I had the chambers lengthened to 2ï½¾, the trigger guard repaired, firing pins repaired, and a 22 mag insert fitted by PISCO gunsmithing. Frame is steel, as is the trigger guard, butt plate and grip cap are horn, I believe. There is a cartridge trap nicely engraved with a wood sprite and some ducks and leaves. Barrels are about 25ï½½ inches long. The finish on this gun is more worn than the other two. There are some scratches and marks on the stock. I've shot 1.5-2 inch groups with the open sights off the sticks at fifty yards with the open sights. That's as good as I can do with open sights. This is a great go anywhere shoot anything gun. $3350 for gun plus shipping. If you want gun and the 22 magnum adapter, price is $3600 plus shipping.

    Just a word on shipping. The last few guns that I've sold from my collection have cost more to ship than I expected. It has averaged about $45 plus $1 per hundred for the insurance.

    Thanks for looking
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    Good luck on your quest. Hope you can save up the money and get to this side quickly. It is bad when you are urging something that you cant immediately have!!!!!!

    Best of luck

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    Welcome to AH Black Fly! I wish you luck selling your drillings they are some beautiful guns.

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