Dove opener on the horizon!

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Jan 9, 2019
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A trifecta of doves with my 20 gauge Lindner Daly... whitewing, collared and mourning doves.
Doves 2015.JPG
That's a beautiful gun you've got there Nevada Mike!

Are those barrels damascus steel or just made to look like that?

Round Ball
Jealous of the whitewing-they don’t come this far north. Usually bow hunting deer and elk on the dove opener, but maybe this year I will take my daughter and go find some. . .
That's a beautiful gun you've got there Nevada Mike!

Are those barrels damascus steel or just made to look like that?

Round Ball
Thank you for the compliment. Those are "Charles Daly Fine Damascus", so marked on the barrels.:)
I'm in Dallas and I'm starting to see shotgun shells in reasonable quantity at some stores. I just got a case of Winchester dove loads at Academy.
Some stores have them here too, but like everything else ammo wise, your going to pay way more than you should with dove season approaching. I've been buying them and other ammo throughout the year when I find them priced reasonably. Unfortunately for the foreseeable future, shopping for ammo has become a year round endeavor instead of right before ANY game season? Sad for now, but hang in there and eventually things will turn around.
Heading out tomorrow at 0 dark thirty. 20ga Remington 1100 LT. I have lots of YELLOW only shells in my game vest. I double checked. Mourning doves and Eurasians. If it flies it dies! Ha! Ha! Good shooting to all the dove hunters out there!
Our fields are covered up with doves. Hopefully they will still be here on the opener!
Well, shit happens. Earlier this week I found the motherlode of whitewings - many, many birds in an area that I could hunt.

It poured rain all last night and is still raining this am. I was hoping for a dove shoot, nit a duck hunt. I'll have to wait for the rain to stop and see if the birds are still there. They may well have flown.
Hunted this morning. Kind of slow. Harvested 11 doves, including 6 Eurasian and 5 mourning dove. Should’ve had another six birds, but that’s dove hunting!

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I hunted yesterday (opening day) in a big sunflower field near Corsicana, Texas. Easily got my limit of 15 as there were lots and lots of birds. I shot my Beretta SL3 20 gauge. Going back on Friday thru Sunday.
Didn't get to hunt yesterday(opening day in Texas), but our normal group are taking off work tomorrow to hunt about 30 minutes SE of Dallas. I checked the field last night, as it was loaded with birds. Hopefully they'll still be there tomorrow morning!

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