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    Dove hunting in Argentina is unparalleled because of a huge population, exceeding 20 million, native doves with a year round hunting season and no limit, big bag hunting (the only place in the world where you can still experience this).

    The Argentina Dove is an attractive species available for year round hunting. The natural habitat, feeding grounds and mating grounds of the Argentina Dove lie in the center of Argentina. Argentina dove hunting in is an exciting bird hunting sport with no limit on action. The Argentina dove is actually considered a pest by farmers. Our Argentina hunting lodge is surrounded by fields farmland, sunflowers, marshland, and forest, creating a perfect habitat and ecology for the Argentina dove. Argentina dove hunting is as simple as walking through our beautiful hunting grounds and fields of sunflowers. While hunting on our property you can expect to shoot hundreds of Argentina dove in a single day. The only limit on shooting dove is your endurance. Experienced hunters will enjoy the excitement and action packed shooting of Argentina dove hunting.

    Bird hunting is an exciting sport. In Argentina we attract a huge population of migratory birds, and offer a year round hunting and shooting sport for the Argentina dove. Unlike anywhere else in the world, Argentina dove hunting brings excitement to even the most seasoned hunter.

    Our surrounding property and hunting grounds provide the Argentina dove with mating grounds, nesting areas, and food. Having a dense population of this native species, we welcome you to shoot as many dove as possible. Argentina Dove hunting is the only sport left in the world with no limits or caps.

    Argentina Dove Hunting and Shooting is just one of many hunting sports we offer. The natural species of Argentine dove is called the eared dove. We also have two natural species of Pigeon and plenty of waterfowl. If you are looking for a hunting lodge outside Buenos Aires, visit Los Ombues Hunting Lodge.

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