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Dec 20, 2016
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I have quite a few different rifles. I also own and use a few not so ordinary doubles. A poor mans double slug shotgun with 24 inch barrels, a 9.3x74R/12ga combination and a 7x65R/12ga combination.

Ever since using a european clients o/u 9.3x74R double fitted with a scope I have longed for such a double for my own hunting.

I want something different but practical for my own hunting.

I am currently looking at a 9.3x74R O/U with scope mounts, that is available with a second set of barrels also with scope mounts in 7x64R and to top it off a set of 12ga 2 3/4 barrels.

I could not imagine a better package for taking one gun case and go hunting. The O/U set-up and scope mounts will make for much more versatility than open sights only.

Any thoughts or fellow AH members using O/U doubles for hunting?
Only down side is the longer drop on opening. Since 99% of the time you are not going to be in a "pit" blind no problem and they shoot great. Just the same old double problem regulation/ load development.
I have a scoped BRNO Super with 2 & 3/4" 12 Ga. over a 7 x 65R. A 100 yards a 12 Ga. Slug is 8" below the bullet hole. In the states our seasons do not overlap very well. Therefore there are not vary many targets of opportunity. At least not worth giving your position away for. I'm told Europeans use my style of Cape gun for driven boar hunting. That style of hunting is not analogues to the United States. I can see where having a similar type firearm with multiple sets of barrels would be very handy to have especially if you only have to register the "receiver" as a firearm.
Only down side is the longer drop on opening. Since 99% of the time you are not going to be in a "pit" blind no problem and they shoot great. Just the same old double problem regulation/ load development.

As I understand it the o/u are much easier to regulate than the sxs that can be a real pain in the but if you need to reload your own ammo.

The 9.3x74R I used before would shoot both barrels pretty much into 2 inches at 100m. Just don't bang away as this will cause the point of impact to change.

The 9.3x74R/12ga I have regulates at about 60m. First shot with the rifle barrel then second shot with Brenneke slug will close the rifle shot. Maybe i have just been lucky with that one though.

Longer drop will not be a problem for this type of hunting.
My opinion has always been that an over/under is the ideal platform for a lighter caliber double. For one, as mentioned, they tend to be more forgiving when it comes to regulation (in other words, less apt to be finicky with varying lots of ammo and such, because the rifle recoils in a vertical plane much more so than a side-by-side).

If you do get an over/under double make a habit of firing the lower barrel first. It'll stress the receiver less; therefore, over time, it'll result in less strain on the action.
Sounds like a good set up to me. I have often wondered what my Browning 12 ga would be like on an African Safari.
I have a Rizzini 9.3x74r o/u with quick detach for a trijicon 1x6 with a second set of 28g tubes. Absolutely love it, great gun all around. Haven’t had a chance to shoot much game with the rifle but did a 3 day quail hunt with the smooth bores and it was lights out. Open sights all rounds go into a few inch circle at 100 yards. I would recommend the 92s to anyone looking.
I have 2 Heyms O/Us one in 7x57R and one in 7x65R both had mounted Leupold VX-R 3-9x50. I used them when I lived in Europe, great for drive hunts and hunting Deer/Boar but never shot much more than 100M as the POIs on the two barrels start the widen significantly. Regulation is not too much of an issue, both regulated with Geco and both shoot almost identical with S&B. I now have red dots mounted on both. I used the 7x57R to take a Mountain Lion a few months back, perfect rifle for that type of hunt. Compact, light and you can get 2 quick if needed.

I also have a few BBFs .222 over 20 ga, 7x65R over 12 ga and a few drillings as well. Not much use for them in the US for hunting but really nice weapons to own.
Drilling has 3 barrels, normally two shotgun, 1 rifle though they can be found with 2 rifle and 1 shotgun barrel
valmet/tikka sells a 412/512/612 series that have 9.3x74 (and other calibers) and shotgun barrels as well.
I have a VC in 450/400 that is just a rock solid shooter. Taking it on safari in a couple months.

At SCI this year I looked at all the doubles and most of the major manufactures make a nice O/U. Chapuis, VC and Merkel, etc

The two interesting ones was Fausti. It was very well balanced you could order with single or double triggers, upgraded wood etc price point was 4995-7000ish depending on which model you chose. The other was Heym is starting to make a 26B model that they had in 45/70 at their booth and was the donation gun for the show. It can be ordered with scope mounts etc. The base gun was 5500.

You should be able to find something that will fit the bill.
I will say something more "radical", to add European perspective.
What I have seen on Savannah plains, for PG, is that if you shoot well, to usual distances one shot is all it takes.
However, besides PG, I have seen cape cobra, black mamba, and hundreds of guinea fowl, and for that purpose something else would be more useful.

I understand that most of today's international hunters are Americans in majority, and the most serious ones are focused either on bolt action, or double, probably same as local PH , etc.
Europeans on the other hand, have affection and tradition of combination rifles.

All that being said, why not consider taking combination rifle in 9.3x74R /12 GA (or 20 GA in more modern versions)
In this way you have excellent calibre for all PG, equivalent to much praised 9.3x62, and a shotgun barrel for snakes and birds, with possibility of slug for situations in a dense bush?
I already have a 9.3x74R/12ga combination and a 7x65R/12ga combination. These are dedicated "pig guns" my son and I shoot a lot of bush pigs and warthogs over bait, with hounds or in cultivated fields.

The rifle I am considering would be for my own hunting of PG. Two barrels in same caliber would make it more suited to this especially when fitted with a scope of 1-6 power. The second set of barrels in a lighter caliber will be more suited to the open areas. I always try and do some bird shooting when out hunting so the third set of barrels in 12ga will do nicely.

That's why I am contemplating 1 set in 9.3x74R second 7x65R third 12ga.

Besides you can never own too many guns.:sneaky:
That sounds like a great combination for you especially the 9.3.
Great choice for something angry an fierce that is coming in hot and fast to have words with your client.
The 12 gage would also be very hand if the game is wounded and us in thick scrub.
I think it’s great! All the best.
Anybody tell me the difference between a double rifle and a drilling?
It is my understanding that "drilling" comes from the German word for "tripple"...dreimalig or "three"...drie

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