Dortmund Hunting Fair - the leading show on African hunting in Europe

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    Dortmund Hunting Fair - the leading show on African hunting in Europe

    The "Jagd & Hund" (Hunting & Hounds) - Show attracts every year a large number of hunters from Germany and the surrounding countries. The show is a six days event and has been going on for 32 years now. It always takes place in the "Westfalenhalle" in Dortmund early in the year. 724 exhibitors from 37 countries showed this year on 50,000 square meters what they have to offer in the field of hunting and fishing. 75,000 visitors created a turnover of 40 million Euros. Nine out of ten visitors buy something at the show, and 12 percent come from neighboring countries. It is difficult to think of anything, which a hunter might need or just love to have for his or her passion, that cannot be found at the show. The exhibition has a wide entertainment program, ranging from hunting horn concerts to dog shows, or a competition in which skilled red deer stag callers compete in roaring. In addition, nature conservation plays a major role in special exhibitions and events. The target group consists of hunters, fishermen, hunting dog keepers and nature lovers. The German Hunting Association (DJV) supports the "Jagd und Hund", and the country's hunting magazines are all represented and cover the events. Hunting tourism is becoming more and more popular in Europe. Many hunters come to the fair to inform themselves about safari destinations around the world. Africa is increasingly in the focus and represented in the show. Most African exhibitors come from Namibia and South Africa. Other countries present are Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Cameroon, Benin, Tunisia and Morocco. Exhibitors normally book their stands well in advance. Next year's show will be from 4th to 9th February. More information at Westfalenhallen Dortmund GmbH - Home

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