Donald Sutherland is dead..


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Dec 3, 2014
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For me as an ex-tanker...he is immortalized as Oddball..and them negative waves.. :giggle:

He could play the good guy or bad guy equally well and it made no difference which one he played, per a tweet from his son announcing his passing.

M.A.S.H. 1970 is the most memorable, for me. Different times for sure.
Bear Island is one favoured of mine that he played in . It’s on YT.
Such a loss. He played a remorseless killer-spy in Eye of the Needle. Great stuff.
One of my favorite actors.

Some of his best roles were in the seventies. From then my list would include MASH, Don't LooK Now (with Julie Christie), Animal House, Eye of the Needle, The Eagle has Landed (with a brilliant performance by Michael Caine), and the cult horror classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers. 1980's Ordinary people is also a classic. He could still bring it in Fool's Gold in 2008.

The ending of Body Snatchers - they then did silent credits. Creepiest ever.

Oddball character was a classic and my favorite. I had a high school basketball coach that looked and at times, acted like Oddball.
Wasn't he in lock step with Hanoi Jane? Anti American?
Wasn't he in lock step with Hanoi Jane? Anti American?
He was an outspoken critic of the war. I don't recall him taking it as far as Jane Fonda, but maybe he did. One thing I think it’s important to note…he was Canadian and never sought US citizenship. So, he may have held opinions that I don’t agree with, but he wasn’t a traitor. His nation stayed out of SE Asia.
Night of the locust and Jesus from Johnny got his gun. Interesting roles
I was looking for something to watch last night and clicked on Miranda's Victim. I think it was more because of Donald Sutherland in the cast than the subject matter.
His portrayal of the judge was phenomenal!
An absolutely great actor.

My favorites were M*A*S*H, Kelly's Heroes, and The Dirty Dozen.

A Great actor.

My Deepest Condolences to his family and friends.

May he Rest In Peace.
I wanted to be Oddball as a kid. So much so, that even though I couldn't afford a real Luger like he carried (especially the scene when they confronted the Tiger tank), my dad bought me a Ruger Mark II for my 10th birthday. Still have it.

And he did an absolutely top job of reading Hemingway's Old man and the Sea. One of the most sympathetic and spot-on narrations I've ever heard. Brilliant.

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