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    Professional Hunter David Ommanney

    Professional Hunter David Ommanney, 1957

    David Ommanney was born in Jalgaon in India in 1931, his father was a British Police officer who did settle his family in Nanyuki in Kenya. When young Dave had been close to the famous maneating Tiger Hunter Jim Corbett, who was a living a retired life in town of Nyeri, Kenya. Corbett did impart great influence on young Dave's life to take up hunting as a full time profession.

    Dave joined Lawrence Brown & Lunan in 1952 as an apprentice, with no much of money as salary, he toiled hard under eagle eyed Stan, with long hours of tough working. He was repairing cars, meeting the clients, worked as a tracker, skinned animals and getting the official paper work through. He selected sites to pitch tents for the hunting clients, and managed full thorough arrangements for the hunt routines. He became a Mr. Arrangement for the visiting clients. He was doing every thing except guiding the wealthy hunters for shoots. His dream of becoming a White Hunter seems to have been at the far horizon.

    He qualified as a professional hunter soon and had never looked back to the tough penniless days gone by. The experience made him a strong and erudite hunter. He guided one of his clients named Russel Wailes and hunted a 56 inches African Greater Kudu, which made him win East African Professional Hunters Award in 1958.

    In 1959 he was seriously wounded by a leopard, he had a chunk of flesh torn out of shoulders and arms and was badly clawed all over. He was in love with his dbbl .470 Rigbys and .375 H&H Magnum by Winchester. He was one of the finest of PHs in Africa.

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    Published in LIFE Apr 3, 1964

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    Published in Boys' Life Sep 1964

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    Published in Boys' Life May 1964
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