God Bless the brave men of D-Day!
Yep, compare those men to the whiny, rainbow-haired, woke narcissists and enabler politicians we have now. My neighbor and good friend, who passed just last year at 98, was part of the first landing day. He survived the landing unscathed but many in his unit were killed before making it to the beach. He had to swim ashore. He was able to bring home a Mauser he found abandoned in a French farmhouse. He caught some shrapnel farther inland. Recovered enough later to join his unit as they marched into Paris. He had a lot of stories about all that. I always remember D-Day.
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Thank you for those sacrifices on D-Day and many other days, liberating Europe.
I had a cousin that landed with the first wave at Utah Beach. When they were exiting the landing craft, another soldier moved in front of him and was killed.
The men and women who served in WWll were truly the greatest generation, unlike the majority of the current generation of 18-25 year olds.
Having no way of ever knowing I often wonder what kind of guts it took for the men who were there that day to do what they did. I usually feel very small when I think of that. Unlike today they went ashore with no body armor, untested equipment and participated in a full frontal assault. Pretty amazing what they did.
Greatest generation. Hard to imagine doing what they did.
But don't underestimate anyone from any generation. 9/11 impacted my generation and we spent our late teens and early twenties in the middle east. Yes we had body armor, fully tested equipment, and much better logistics. You'll still shit yourself the first time something goes down.
A visit to the beaches and the cemeteries is worth a trip in its self...where I come from not far away so went 3 times I think....one time took ex father in law whose own father was an engineer and took part in the landings, and found a specialist guide who was English . He was brilliant and took us to the regular places, and ones off the beaten track and told the stories of what had happened....we had him for 3 or 4 days...he had met the infamous German machine gunner from omaha beach on a few occasions ,and told us whst he had said....compared to my first couple of trips there having him to show us around was worth the cost....he was extremely knowledgeable. On omaha beach after showing us where the numerous machine gun nests and artillery bunkers were he took us onto the beach to roughly where the landing craft would have dropped their ramps as the tide was at similar height...he said going to leave you here for a few minutes to think about what those soldiers faced when they actually made it to the beach, if they survived that long....was a pretty moving moment when you looked up the beach and knew what they were getting hit by from an arc of fire......
I noticed this yesterday on the calendar next ot my desk. WTH !! -- really set me off :(


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