cz550 505 gibbs and sabatti 500NE


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Feb 25, 2012
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i'm looking to purchase one of these guns, i don't have a particular reason in mind other than i really like big bore rifles, especially doubles, i am wondering if anyone has experience with the sabatti, i see i can get it for around $5000, which to me seems very reasonable for a double rifle, i really like the cz550 but if the sabatti turns out to be a good rifle for the price that is what i would like to get, so if anyone has any experience with either of these rifles let me know how you like them
I, too, have looked at them They look very good, they seem to have a good reputation and the owner of the company stands by his product, I did find that if I do buy one I will need more drop at the heel and some cast off in order for the sights to line up perfectly when the gun is mounted.
Buy the CZ the Sabbati is a POS in the long run.... You can buy a CZ 505 for around 2600-3000 and it is a soild DGR. I have shot a few on the Sabbatti's and I might buy one in a 450/400 but would not touch one in a 500.

what's wrong with the sabbatti in 500 compared to a 450/400? the cz in 505 is probably what i'll end up going with, i know cz makes a quality rifle but i just don't know enough about the sabbatti to spend that kind of money on one
The Sabbatti 500 was my introduction to double rifles shooting. It required proper fitting, a mercury recoil reducer, a better set of ERA sights and a few months of mucking around with loads to get something that resembled the factory regulating target. It is now at a stage where it is ready for a DG hunt.
A CZ 550 was purchased by a good friend of mine in 375 H&H at the same time as I purchased my Sabbatti. He too had fiddle with the factory original: Action reworked, get magazine fedding properly with Woodleigh PP bullets,trigger job, repair and rebedding when the stock split forward of the magazine well and a decent set of sights too. Now is ready for a DG hunt.
Both of us have spent more money and time on an original purchase, just to get it "right". I would have rather spent all that money in the first place and got what I needed first up. Speaking of getting it right, the Winchester Model 70 safari express just about ticks all the boxes.
I like the double, however you can't go wrong with the cz in 505 Gibbs reliability.........

My best always

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Do you still have this rifle? I'm in the KC area on business and I'm very interested.
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