CZ550 .416 Rigby, Upgraded & Ready For Next Dangerous Game Hunt


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May 14, 2019
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NE Wisconsin. USA
Hey everyone.
Have a CZ550 .416 Rigby I bought from Head Trauma here off the forum a few years ago. Here is how he as the original owner described the rifle:
Rifle was purchased new, bore deep cleaned to bare metal, inspected with a borescope and lapped.
Very minimal powder/copper fouling, not like the usual CZ big bore copper mine, easy cleanup.
Custom bolt handle, huge improvement over the factory one.
NEC front sight, custom NEC rear sight, vast improvement over the factory rear sight
Sights are spot on at 25/50 yards, OEM front and rear sights included.
OEM rear sight can be easily re-installed if desired
Round count is 51
Wisner drop pocket floorplate, a new catch was fabricated to get it fitted properly, fits snug and locks up tight, no rattle, OEM floorplate included. The OEM floorplate catch is lost in space, easy to replace.
Brockman front sling stud
Timney trigger, big improvement over the factory trigger, OEM trigger included.
B&C stock, 13-3/4" LOP, 8.7 lbs, barrel is free floated.
Exceptionally accurate with CEB Raptors and Safari solids, 90-95 gr H4350 and you are good to go.
Load data and chronograph data included
As new appearance, no cosmetic flaws, this is a turnkey DG rifle ready to go with all the bells and whistles.
New bolt handle was done by Tom Jackson, Dubuque Iowa, master class gunsmith.

I have not fire it since I bought it from him.

Pictures show the rifle as best as I can. If you want a specific pic, message me and I will take it and post it. Pic of the excel file shows all the CZ550 .416 Rigbys I could find sold lately. On a commonly used auction site (not sure if I am allowed to type their name here) they have been going for 1950-2800. Only the 2800 one had upgrades. Everything else is bare stock and most not even in BC stocks.average price was $2221. One completely stock rifle with wood was sold on here in August for $2100 and people are asking $1500 just for an action.
Asking $2200 shipped. This is basically the current price of “stock” rifles with no upgrades (trigger, floor plate, lapping, stock, sights, etc.).
No shipping to states which hate firearms. Also, no Hawaii. If you need Alaska, DM me and we can see if we can figure something out.
I am also open to trades ranging from single items to multiple firearms from your side.
.375 H&H is one of my favorites. Also like handguns.

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Bump for the night.
Prefer to sell but open to trades. I looked it up and the .416 puts a 100grain heavier bullet out the muzzle at the same velocity as a .375 H&H. So, feel free to look in your gunsafe for one of those under powered .375 H&Hs and I would consider trading for it
Do you mean NECG? Was there a front swivel stud hole? If so, has it been filled? How thick is the recoil pad?
Original swivel stud was removed and is not in the box. Hope is as shown in the attached pic. If it is an issue for you, I guess you could put a set style screw into it.
Thanks. Looking for a Rigby for a friend’s .550 Magnum build. I think he would have to scrap too much and action only seems to make a little more sense.
Would you consider a NIB Winchester 70 in .375 plus $500 in cash for the Rifle?

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