CZ 550 Safari Classic .500 Jeffery #1 Fancy Walnut

I want to see this rifle after you pick it up Cody.

I guess it would fill the gap between the 470 and 505 Gibbs!
I'm saving for that BVC Buff hunt or I would be driving to meet Amado as we speak! If it was a poor defenseless 300 H&H I wouldn't be able resist. I would love to have it though! @ActionBob HELP!
Folks this is indeed a beautiful rifle and a round that would serve you well for any and all dangerous game. Anybody thinking about moving up from plains game to DG and you need a rifle this is a good choice.
@tarbe, @Buff-Buster or @Bullthrower338, please do me a favor. Keep from doing something I have absolutely reason to do and one you buy this rifle.

@Amado, it's a beautiful rifle and somewhat unique caliber. I know it hasn't been shot, but have you ever even cycled rounds through it? I'm no expert on the caliber but if I recall correctly, the .500J has at times in some rifles been known to be problematic in regards to feeding/extraction with I believe it's rebated rim design.
@PHOENIX PHIL, I have not cycled any rounds through it so I couldn't tell you. It's the first I've heard that about the .500J in particular. I have read that about some CZ's in general, taking a while to break in and smooth out the action, although I have never experienced it myself. I have several CZ's and absolutely love them.
great rifle at an amazing price... id buy it if my double hadn't drained my bank account!

I will pass this off along to some of my big bore friends.


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looking for a new stock for my Husk 8x 57, any ideas on exiting or custom stocks to purchase? Thanks for your feedback if available. Neil
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Have interest in the Chapuis. Would like to see more assembled pics if possible, i know its a beautiful firearm!
Also, could you use other ammo such as Barnes etc...
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Also, more pics of female #2(black ticked). Thanks, Neil
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Could you send me some more pics of the Dam(weight?) and Sire, front rear and side pics., looking for a smaller female, with ticking. thanks Don