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Jun 9, 2019
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Hi all. Need some thots from the CZ experts on here. Just came into possession of a very nice CZ537 in 7x64. Looks almost brand new. I have found little online info and what little i found does not seem to match the particular rifle. This one has a 23.5" barrel and a single set trigger, neither of which match any references i can find. Anyone?




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May 7, 2013
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Nice looking rifle!
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Jun 9, 2019
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Yes, I'm really pleased with it. Been looking for a 7x64 for a while now and happened on this one by accident. Always been intrigued by the 7x64, 25-06 and 416 rigby. Now i have one of each and am a happy camper.

Neil Molendyk

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Jul 23, 2014
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I found this here

At the Lodge

Re: Brno Rifle

Posted By: Rob <Send E-Mail>
Found this on the internet
May be of some help

Nice looking rifle by the way

Date: Saturday, 14 May 2005, at 6:50 p.m.

In Response To: Brno Rifle (Brad)

Manufactured in Brno & Uherski Brod since 1936 (actually it's roots begin in the late 1800's, but this article says 1936 for BRNO/CZ).
Brno rifles & CZ firearms produced at the CZ factory were imported and distributed exclusively Action Arms
Ltd. Prago-trade located in Ontario, Canada also imports this trade mark for Canada currently (and exclusively where they are still
known under the brand name of BRNO).

While little history is known about this important European trademark, the following biographical sketch will provide some
information. In 1916, some military personnel took over the controlling interest of the Austrio Hungarian armament shop in
BRNO, Czechoslovakia, renaming it 'The State Armament and Engineering Works. Approximately a year later, the name was changed
Czechoslovak State Armament Works. Prior to 1924, this firm was involved with the Mauser Model 98 type rifles
(both assembly & mfg). (They also produced the 'Persian' Mausers which are considered one of if not the best Mausers ever

In 1924, the name was again changed to Czechoslovenska Zbrojovka A.Z. (Czechoslovakia Arms Factory ltd.) Commonly nnow as the
CZ firm. CZ manufactured the VZ-24 mauser rifle for Czechoslovakia as well as other M-98 military rifles and carbines for other
countries, including many which Germany used during W.W.II. After W.W.II, the name was again changed to Zbrojovka Brno (Brno
Arms Works), or ZB for short.

Since the decline of communism in 1992, more & more products (including firearms from Czechoslovakia) made their way into the US
with out the 65% importation tax previously levied on goods from older communistic bloc countries. (hence, why you see them much
more commonly in Canada; especially the old world rifles.)


Rifles: Bolt Action

The Brno Lightweight Sporter was introduced in the late 1030's. A small quantity was manufactured during pre-war and W.W.II. Most
production occurred between 1946-1955. Total production of this model was approx. 40,000+ units. A design
change was implemented at approximately serial number 23,000 at which time the receiver was changed to a double square bridge
dovetailed to accept scope mounts.

Earlier mfg. had a rounded receiver and some had claw type scope mounts installed (similar to HK's G3/91's). these guns were
referenced as Model 21 & 22 domestically but no model designation appears on the gun. Available cals. were 6.5x57, 7x57,
7x64, 8x57, or 8x60mm. Configuration was small ring Mauser 98 receiver with double set trigger(s), butter-knife bolt, checkered
walnut pistol grip stock (half or full length), two barrel lengths (20.5 or 23.6 in.)

BRNO rifles may be dated by the 2-digit date beside their proof marks.


** Hornet Sporter: (Model ZKW-465) -miniature mauser action .22 hornet, 22.75" barrel, 5 shot clip, 3-leaf express sight, double set
trigger(s), checkered pistol grip stock, also called Z-B Mauser. Aprrox. 40,000 mfg. between 1949-1973. ( I have never seen one of
these in the US or Canada yet.)

** Model ZG-47: .270 Win., 30-06, 7x57, 7x64, 8x64S, 8x57, 9.3x62, or 10.75x68mm cal., large Mauser 98 action with 20 mm
dovetail ring and bridge, single trigger, hinged floor plate, rollover type safety and bolt handle design for low scope mounting, 23.5"
barrel, checkered pistol grip walnut stock with sling swivels Schnabel forend. Approx. 20,000 mfg. and exported world-wide
1956-1962. {"Early specimens of this model are marked 'BRNO made in Czechoslovakia'. This model is generally regarded as being
one of the finest rifles Brno has ever manufactured."

--I saw ONE of these about 8 years ago, in Dallas in a .270 Cal that had been free floated & had a beautiful stock. It was selling for
$350 as no one wanted to take a chance on it as they didn't know what it was. I could have gotten it for $275. I thought about it as I
knew the name BRNO meant quality, but I didn't know what it was then & had not heard of that model....
Until I came home & read the quote about it being the "finest rifles Brno has ever manufactured". Aaaaaagh! I didn't get it at the time as
I already had a BRNO in that caliber; I have never seen another since.}

** Mod-21H: 6.5x57, 7x57,7x64 (scarce), 8x57 cal., featherweight style design of the small ring Mauser type action, with (post-1949)
or without 20 mm dovetails on receiver ring and bridge, 20.5" or 23" barrel, butter-knife style bolt handle, double
set trigger, 2 leaf rear sight, checkered pistol grip walnut stock with cheek piece and plastic buttplate/grip cap small Schnabel forend,
sling swivels included,. Approx. 26,000 mfg. 1046-1955. (This Model was available in 4 different variations: short barrel/short stock,
short barrel/full stock, long barrel/short stock, long barrel/full length stock. the left receiver rail on these models is marked

** Model 22F: Similar to 21H with full length stock. Disc.

** Model 1: .22 LR, 22.75 in barrel, 3-leaf (tri-leaf) sight, 5 shot lip mag., checkered pistol, 6lbs, mfg. 1946-1957. (many have 2 way
adjustable triggers, but not all. Safety is similar but slightly different to modern ZKM-452's)

** Model 2: similar to model 1, with checkered deluxe walnut stock.

** Model 3: .22 LR, target rifle model with 27.5" heavy barrel, adj click target sights, 5 shot clip mag, plain target style stock with
large swivel mounts, 9.5 lbs. Mfg. 1949-1956 (adjustable triggers) (I have never seen one of these yet)

** Model 4: similar to Model 3, except has improved trigger design & safety. Mfg. 1957-1973

** Model 5: similar to Model 1, except has the improved trigger design & safety. Mfg. 1957-1973.

{Most of the above mentioned rifles were almost never imported into the US & are consequently hard to come by and the Models 1-5
command values in the range of $300 (60%) to $750+ (100%)}

** Model ZKM-452: .22 LR, bolt action, 5-10 shot mag., 23.6 or 25" (disc.) barrel, uncheckered hardwood stock, 4.9 lbs. Importation
disc 1986, resumed in 1992 with changes.

--Model ZKM-452D (Deluxe) -similar to ZKM-452 only with checkered walnut stock.

(This model was exclusively imported by Action Arms Ltd.)

** ZKM-456 LUX: .22 LR, bolt action, 5-10 shot mag., 24.4" barrel, folding rear sight, blued finish, beech wood stock with pistol
grip, 6.8 lbs. Importation began 1992.

(This model was imported exclusively by Bohemia Arms Int.)

--Model 456-L Target -.22 LR, Target variation of the ZKM-456 LUX featuring 27.5" barrel with adj. front & rear sights, 10.1 lbs.
Importation began in 1992.

-- Model 456 Match Single Shot -.22 LR, designed for UIT competition at 50 M, features 27.5" barrel with adj. cheek piece and
buttplate, aperture sights, 9.9 lbs. Importation began 1992.

** Model 513 Hunter: .22LR entry level bolt action, 5 shot detachable mag., beechwood stock. Importation began 1994 exclusively by
Action Arms.

** CZ-527: .22 Hornet .222 Rem., or .223 Rem Cal., scaled down receiver with claw extractor and Mauser type bolt, standard or
heavy (varmint) barrel, detachable 5 shot mag., double triggers (set style), adj rear sight, grooved receiver, thumb safety, synthetic
(mfg. 1993 only) or checkered walnut stock, 6.2 lbs. Importation began 1992. (These mainly had the European style butter-knife style
bolt handles. I had one of these in .222 that was a tack driver, funds got low, & it was sold....saddly.)

** CZ-537: .243 (new 1993), .270., 270 Win., 30-06, or .308 (new 1993) cal., single set trigger, adj rear sight with hooded front,
forged one piece bolt, cocking indicator, 5 shot internal mag., synthetic (mfg. 1993 only) or checkered walnut stock with recoil pad and
sling swivels. 7.3 lbs. Importation began 1992.

--CZ-537 mountain Carbine: .243 Win only, 19" barrel, 5 shot detachable mag., includes ring mounts, 7.1 lbs. Importation began 1994

** ZKK-600: .270 win., 30-06, 7x57, or 7x64mm (disc) cal., Improved Mauser type action, 23.75" barrel, synthetic (mfg. 1993 only)
or checkered walnut stock, 5 shot internal mag., thumb safety, 7.2 lbs (I called mine ZKM yesterday, meant ZKK.
My 600 has a very dark stained wood with additional checkering, inlay butt-pistol grip cap, and forend.)

** ZKK-601: .223 Rem., Importation disc. 1991, .243 Win or .308 Win. cal., otherwise similar to the ZKK-600 but with reduced
length bolt & actions.

** ZKK-602: (Think Safari grade! Big, Beautiful, Long, Heavy, Awesome!) .300 Win. Mag., .375 H&H, 8x68MM (disc), .416 Rigby
(disc 1986), or .458 Win. Mag. cal., Similar to the ZKK 600 except has thicker 25.2" barrel, 3-leaf express flip-up sights. 9.3 lbs.
(Also, has an extended length bolt and receiver compared to the ZKK-600's.)

** ZKB-680 ("Fox II"): .22 Hornet or .222 Rem (disc) cal., 23.5" barrel, 5 shot detach mag., set triggers, 5.75 lbs, Importation disc.


Rifles: Semi-Auto

** CZ-511: .22 LR, Semi-auto, select walnut stock, adj. sights. Disc. 1986.

** CZ-611: .22 mag. cal., 20.5" barrel, 6 or 12 shot detachable mag., black metal finish, walnut stock and forend, grooved receiver, 6.2
lbs. Importation began 1992.

** Model 581: .22 LR semi-auto, select walnut stock, adj. sights, 5 shot mag. Disc.


All of the ZKK models have long since stopped coming into this country & I believe are no longer manufactured; replaced by the
CZ-537, CZ-550's ect. All the barrels on the Model 1-5 .22 LR's and also the ZKK series were cold hammer forged
barrels. many of the above mentioned (if not all) models have been discontinued. Most of the ZKK series were sold with 2 sets of
triggers. One that was the block single stage set triggers that could be shot via the approx. 2 lb set trigger or normally in the 7 lb region
with normal draw of standard hunting rifles. Then you could swap out the single set trigger for a normal shoe horn style set

I have obviously not included the latest modern series of "CZ" rifles such as the ZKM 452-2E's that you all know so much about
already; nor did I include the CZ-550's ect. as that knowledge is commonly available on the web site.

Most .22 LR Brno/CZ tend to like Federal HP's (American Eagle as well), Winchester, Super-X HP's, the discontinued Win.
Dynapoints, Lapau HP's. I personally have had no luck with anything from Remington. I realize that many have had luck with the
Thunderbolts, but I hate that they are inconsistent with reliability & shot-to-shot average velocities, they are dirty, lead fouling,
non-copper coated, & generally lower velocities. YUCK! I gave away my last brick of these years ago & have never bought any since.
My BRNO.22 LR's get mainly a steady diet of the Federal hollow points & the Win. Super-X Hp's...which I in turn feed the population of gophers the hard way. On rare occasion, mine will also get target & match ammo; but I have shot many a .30-.50 groups with
the above mentioned high velocity ammo at 50 yds.. I have personally found that all my bolt action models of .22 LR have interchanged
all steel 5 & ten rnd magazines; be they Model 1's or 4's or ZKM-452's....I do not know about any thing
younger than 7 years as that is the newest one I have.

Just a few last interesting facts:

"BRNO probably makes a greater variety of guns than any other gunmaker in the world, with the possible exception of Beretta. What's
more, BRNO guns are sold in more countries than any other brand of less than 70+ countries."

"The original factory in the city of BRNO in southern Moravia, makes only break-open guns: over-under and side-by-side double
shotguns, over-under double rifles, and rifle-shotgun combinations. This factory also has a large custom shop that performs elaborate
engravings and stock carving."

"It is however, the factory at Uhersky Brod, a small city in the lovely Moravian countryside, that produces the guns best known &
desired by American hunters & shooters. (ZKK's, ZKM's, and CZ-pistols)"

"Most of the rifles used to be made on a few CNC machines of European origin, but none of the really sophisticated ones that can
perform multiple machining operations simultaneously. lots of hand work! ....All this handwork meant a high level of precision fitting
of parts & reliability.....but severely limited production."

"ZKK rifles differ from standard Mauser rifles in that there is NO slot for the ejector in the left locking lug. Both lugs therefore have
equal strength, and the bolt is loaded symmetrically, which promotes greater safety, reliability, and accuracy. The ZKK's used to be
sold with a target that showed a guaranteed 3-shot group at 4cm (about 1.5") or BETTER at 100 meters with
factory ammunition. A big part of the reason for excellent accuracy is the fine cold-hammer forged barrels that all BRNO rifles are
fitted with. these barrels are made on the same machines used to make the barrels at the Steyr factory in Austria."

"ZKK rifles have a short striker fall and a fast lock time. the safety blocks the sear and locks the bolt."

"In the past, many BRNO guns have not been known for there beauty, but they are noted for their high degree of accuracy, durability,
intelligent design and dependability. Traditionalists especially love them because most models are of walnut and steel."

"CZ hand guns are the most widely copied hand guns in the world with the the only close competitors as the Colt 1911-ACP
derivatives & the Browning High Power derivatives."

Because of their high quality manufacture & design, BRNO .22 LR barrels are rated as quarter-million-round-barrels. That should keep
most of us shooting them for generations to come if cared for properly.

P.S. Finally, I believe all modern CZ full size actions have the majority of the ZKK features noted above with a few improvements
including the improved looking Turkish walnut stocks that are the American almost a highly desired burl in nature....These are hated or
at least are thought to be flawed in European communities.
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Feb 18, 2017
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Neil, I enjoyed your very informative post.


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Late to the party here but yeah a rare rifle. Also a fan of that caliber, the metric grandfather of the .280 Rem.
Nice rifle!


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Another big fan of the 7x64.

Performs so well on small to medium sized deer and other game with no fuss and no bother.
My, close to 70 year old, FN still shoots clover leaf groups, hits hard and shoots flat with next to no recoil or muzzle blast.
What's not to like.

bruce moulds

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Aug 10, 2018
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whats's not to like?
the stock design is straight out of the pre 1930s and has been superseded by far better designs.
that can be fixed with a new stock.
set triggers while good in theory have excess locktime and in unset form are harder to tune into something decent.
whether a decent trigger is available for this model would be worth some homrwork.

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