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    Hi All

    We have some cull animals available and there will be a couple of these packages for 2020, we had a lot of inquiries on the bigger cull hunt posted a few weeks back of people wanting to share so we thought we would do a smaller cull package. There are lots of animals available and you can add any of the species listed if you would like to have more trigger time. Cull animals would be females, broken horn males, young males or very old worn down males. We will include a video of the hunt free of charge...

    6 Days total 5 Days hunting

    Animals included in the package:

    2x Common Springbuck
    2x Common Blesbuck
    1x Blue Wildebeest
    1x Black Wildebeest
    2x Impala
    2x Warthog

    Total package price 4200.00 US Dollars

    Included in package:

    All animals in package
    All accommodation
    All South African beverages in moderation
    Daily laundry services
    All roads traveled during the hunt
    Service of Professional hunter and Skinner
    Rifle if needed

    Not Included:

    All flights
    Entry fees at Non hunting activities
    Imported spirits
    Taxidermy work
    15% Government Tax on Day Fees.

    Note: full fees is payable for wounded and lost animals

    IMG_0669.JPG IMG_20190331_170143.jpg IMG_20190401_160457.jpg
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    Can highly recommend have hunted with these guys ....I am the guy in the photo with the warthogs

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